Inner-west getaway after 4WD slams police car to avoid breath test

16 December 2018 — 8:25am
A police officer fired at a four-wheel-drive in Sydney’s inner west on Saturday night, after the driver of the vehicle rammed into a police car, injuring two officers.

Police officers in an unmarked car attempted to stop the driver of a white Ford Ranger for a random breath test about 11.35pm in Lilyfield.

The driver failed to stop and police followed the 4WD to Canal Road, but the driver of the Ford Ranger then reversed into the police car, injuring the police driver and an officer in the front seat.

Another officer fired at the departing 4WD before it sped from the scene along Lilyfield Road.

A few minutes later, the 4WD crashed into a parked car at Quick Street, Rozelle. But the driver got away, and as at 7.30am on Sunday had not been found.

Sniffer dogs, helicopters as well as the public order and riot squad were used on Saturday night to attempt to locate the person or persons who fled from the 4WD.

Both injured officers have been released from hospital. One was treated for a head injury, and the other for lacerations.

The incident will be investigated by a critical incident team, with that investigation also subject to independent review.

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I went to bed early and missed all that! If driver of the 4wd is a cyclist he might have known Canal Rd is blocked off by several bollards at the City West Link underpass. 

I heard the local police sergeant say that they often pick up crims for other or outstanding offences at these RBTs, particularly in Balmain.

Same applies with other offences, a naughty driver is often a very naughty person.

Odd that cops didn't catch a drunk with a truck. I guess they got lost at Quirk Street thinking it was quick.


After this event it looks that the police should wear a helmet when driving and prosecuting offenders. Because the safety is also important, and if they fail to wear it they should be fine. 


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