Article by Prof Greaves from SU Transport and Logistics Centre. If he had only said which school in the Inner West we might be able to help. But it can't be that hard to find a safe route by bicycle.

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Sounds quite similar to my situation with school a couple decades ago.

I took frustrating slow public transport.  It would have been much easier to ride.  However:

a. - I was a child.  My parents set met on the path of public transport.

b. - School uniform.  It is horrible and impractical and absurd.  Why force children to wear uncomfortable clothes?

I did ride to school once.  It was once.  Y12 on non school day due to exams.  So I just wore sensible clothes.  It was faster and easier.  I can't believe that I didn't start doing it earlier.  But inertia is a powerful thing.  So it uncomfortable nature of school uniform.

Yes, Trinity does tie in more nicely with the stated driving, light rail and walking times if using the Rozelle stop.

I'd expect the uniform requirement plus the distinctive hat might be more along the lines of subtle advertising for the aspirational, rather than id for the bus drivers.

Seems he might be from the deep south originally, only moving here earlier this century going by the education background.

I don't think HTFU is a good approach to increasing modal share. The unsafe nonsense I encounter when I ride around my local area is not something any kid should be subjected to - these lunatic motorists are seriously deficient when it comes to empathy, civic mindedness or downright common sense. In fact when I was living in a much quieter place and ferrying my kids by bicycle to primary school the parents in their huge urban tractors driving like complete a*******s around the school was enough to put anyone off.


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