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Update for 25/9.

This is just horrifying.

I can't think of another way to describe it.

Mike Hall was on the shoulder of the road, most likely lit up like a small Christmas tree and yet because the driver "didn't see" him, it is an unfortunate accident and there are no charges, no nothing.

latest, driver wont be called- "too suggestible",

As Andrew says, we shouldn't really have expected anything else but it is still very depressing and sad. The police seem to be fools, the "counsel assisting" seems to be a fool, numerous drivers seem to have fallen over themselves to tell the police Mike was invisible when they "saw" him, (contrary to the video evidence and other witnesses), one who said the invisible rider didn't have a helmet. The coverage is enlightening. And now as Bob reports the driver will not be called to give evidence because the likely poor quality of that evidence !

Or the driver will incriminate himself, then the Police will have to press charges aka actually do their job!


Exactly! If his English is scratchy, FFS, get a translator. If it was a murder case, particularly a cop killer, there'd be none of this B/S!

Oddly, there are some superficial similarities with an incident I was involved in about 30 years ago on the Monaro Hway just out of Michelago.

I wrote off my brand new car and came very close to seriously injuring several passengers.

Though the crash occurred in NSW, it was attended by Federal Police and Federal accident investigation vans.

Another vehicle (which caused the chain of events leading to the crash) was registered in Cooma, however, we did not touch - no damage on his car.

The police wrote up the crash as a single vehicle accident.

No statement or details about the Cooma car were included.

I wasn't even given a breath test at the crash site.

No charges, no tickets, no nothing.

Minimum paperwork.



Police recreation > Actual Footage of Mike riding.

This poor quality safety theatre. Tick a few boxes and move one to the next fatality...


And here we have it.

Police, who are drivers, helping out another driver.

Inquest made up of drivers, enshrining their right to kill non drivers

The rot started with the drop in cyclists, cemented by judges to allow drivers (their kind) to get away with evil and setting these sort of predecence : 

They are all complicit in Mike Halls death , past and future ones


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