Had a chuckle at this one, but maybe it's just me. http://www.topgear.com/uk/james-may/james-may-bicycles

I know it's not always practical to be super friendly but I kind of agree that a sense of comradery would be nice amongst all types of cyclist. Motorcyclists are a little better at this (in my opinion).

I did also see a kitted out road cyclist grab and shake a commuter cyclist by their shirt on the Kent St cycleway in an unnecessarily agro move - The commuter was stopped and about to get going in his lane but a simple use of the voice could've solved that. 

Poor guy was pretty flustered after that, but hopefully he's still using a bike to get to work!

Disclaimer: I am still new to Sydney cycling so my views are purely observational :)

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I've just knocked out 400km in and around Copenhagen. I waved at everyone I rode past. 

And got one (and possibly a couple of small head nods) in return. 

This isn't a particularly English problem, but yes it is either a general societal problem (how many times do you get acknowledgement from a fellow pedestrian when walking down the road?), or a cycling one. Or perhaps it's just that riding is so carefree our minds wander off to a happy place...

Honestly if a grinning James May was riding towards me smiling and waving I think I would try and avoid eye contact too, it's a big crazy city out there.

If your wearing lycra on your commute then I think you are training/strenuously exercising, not just commuting. Just commuting does not require special clothing. There is nothing wrong with training while commuting, but lets call it what it is.

Just wrong
Maybe just semantics. Different definitions of commuting, training, and special clothing? I love my "special clothing" for Manly Dam, and might be guilty of using a little "electric lycra" assistance for my commute. But I'm all inner city and I guess I find it hard to get in the headspace of a dedicated 30k commuter where clothing maketh the commute.

As soon as I recognised it was him, I'd assume it was some kind of hidden camera Top Gear segment.

Fortunately now this article would have me thinking otherwise.

Well- here in the Hills District , as a commuter  I have not been able to work out how to get up a steep hill without a) sweating if I am going fast enough not to stall  or 2) falling over if I am going slow enough not to sweat...

If it was all flat terrain I would just wear my suit like they do in Europe ! But , I wear lycra as a base layer and light shorts on top - sort of "Ninja Lycra" but this is comfortable for me as I am NOT training but I AM sweating even in winter.Sometimes too,  it is because I have to keep up with traffic so am trying to maintain traffic speed or close to it. Again :  I do not consider myself to be "training" at any stage here.

Just wondering Sir Reg, how far are you going and are you one of the guys who regularly pass me as I trundle up North Rocks road each morning?

electric assist, flatten those hills

How are you sweating? it is 2 degrees when I am climbing the hills in said district currently.

Also, I don't smile and wave at everyone I drive past, or walk past, so why would I to everyone I ride past? I have somewhere to get to, and time to get there in. People I see regularly I greet, but some crazy guy I've never met? probably waving at the guy behind me.

hmm... well maybe I just sub-consciously figure if I am not sweating then I am slacking ? Either way , I might freeze for the first part of the commute but have never arrived at work anything other than steaming... For the record , I have never passed anyone going uphill on North Rocks Rd, if I catch up to someone they usually are want to have a chat just like me ;)

Every commute for me is strenuous making it a form of daily exercise but I'm not training for anything. It is what is.

So while I don't wear the full lycra kit as such I do wear nicks and/or skins and various forms of cycling specific, logo free, tops simply because I found this to be more comfortable than shorts/cotton t shirts and they dry quickly during the day so I can wear them home.

Quick questions:

1) How many of us proactively attempt to "greet" (wave, nod, lift of the fingers from the bar, say something) to pretty much every other cyclist we come across?

2) How many of us have the same done in return?

Technically the numbers should be about the same, but in practice I bet they're not. Which might infer sometimes the other rider doesn't see us or their mind is elsewhere etc. I bet sometimes the same thing happens to us (another cyclist greets us) but for whatever reason we don't respond and they continue on feeling "snubbed" or similar.

Not saying this is the case all the time, but I bet it's a significant part of some of the time.


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