Jan Gehl on designing "people scale" cities and the joy of the bicycle

Interesting talk from Danish architect and urban consultant Jan Gehl on how he designs cities to consider the interactions between people and form, rather than just concentrating on form. At about 12 minutes he starts talking about bicycles and reducing the amount of cars in the city.

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I bought his book and expect it to arrive today.

Its a fab book!

Cities for People or Life Between Buildings?

cities for people
book arrived today. about to open and start reading.

Will have a look once I've finished Jane Jacob's book, The Death & Life of Great American Cities. Can't believe it took me this long to read it.

Got my Christmas read today – One Less Car: Bicycling and the politics of automobility.

Anyone read it?

Yeap I've read One Less Car. A great read.

It was originally written as a PhD thesis but is much improved in the book.

"vehicles for pleasure, and tools for technological, cultural, and political critique. "

I'm just going for a ride on my VFPTTCPC!

just rolls off the tongue that one...!

As i said, the book is much better!

But I agree with the quote. The abbrev. almost sounds like Velocipede.


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