After great advice from SC members I had a taste of cycling in Japan in April this year and am now keen to try again. Do any of our contributors have any information for touring in Hokkaido, I intend to have approx 3 weeks in July in Japan next year 2019  about 2 weeks can spend cycling there. Any advice welcome.

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I have ridden in Hokkaido twice. I hope you like tunnels! 

I think I've read that tunnels in Japan can be non cycling friendly ? Is that what you are referring to?

No personal stories but I've been recommended to visit Aomori for cycling and local food if you have the time.

there are some excellent tunnels and some long scary tunnels. We rode through one that was about five kms. Traffic though is pretty good as they have low speed limits. 

See attached article Hokkaido 1200 from Audax Checkpoint #68


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