I'm researching for cycling related activities in Tokyo 

Travelling with family and kids, youngest will be 10 when we go.

Firstly up is city rides, there are a few Bike tours, but I'm thinking of getting mama-chari type bikes to do a self-guided city ride.

Apparently there aren't many bike lanes and sharing the pavement with pedestrians are the norm?

Q1: Does anyone has input or recommendations of mama-chari bikes and/or some city ride options  ?

Secondly are some slightly out of town family rides(ie not city central) , I'm thinking if I can source a tandem, it will allow for larger catchment of rides option.

Jonan Jima, and Odaiba mentioned in http://halffastcycling.com/mission.html seem like good options.

Q2: Anyone with recommendations on non-mama-chari bikes (say hybrids or similar) and/or tandems rental  , and/or ride options (ie 20-30km, easy pace with things for the kids to look at)? 

Thirdly , (without the family for a day or maybe even 2) I'm hoping to get out for a MAMIL road-type type ride.

For this it looks like renting a road bike isn't easy in Tokyo. Min-velo are an option

Q3 : Anyone with recommendations on road bike rental or MinVelos with drop bars ? and/or MAMIL ride options (ie range : 50-99 km , and hopefully scenic enough to be worth any hills! )

Q4 : Any other general advice, recommendations ? 


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I was in Tokyo last year with kids (9 and 6 at the time) and couldn't find any where to rent a bike from for the few days we were there. Hotel advertising said you could hire from them but when asked they looked perplexed. Googling resulted in lots of restrictions with height/age etc so no go for the kids and they were to far away.

As for riding if you can get a bie we stayed at Hatagay (near Yoyogi park) there's small back lanes going everywhere which are fine to ride on and you hardly see a vehicle on them. With the main roads most people were riding on the footpath but I did see a few roadies riding on them.



Not so bad, just try and organise before you go as I did a little before I went and couldn't find anything close by with kids as I didn't think about that before I left. I'd be more than happy for the kids to ride on most back roads around Hatagaya FWIW.

Worth checking out ILoveSydneyBikeLanes who are over there atm https://www.facebook.com/ILoveSydneyBikeLanes/photos/pcb.1133497036...

though not in Tokyo ATM

Also maybe worth checking out Aldi's folding bike on sale this week?

its the default for japanese people to look perplexed when a westerner asks them anything

The Imperial Palace Bike Ride is a great Sunday activity, especially if you have kids. The city of Tokyo has 250 bikes at hand for you to do an easy 3km, non-elevation course halfway around the Imperial Palace grounds. The streets are closed for motorized traffic, so all the bike junkies (including those who bring their own bikes) can mosey around the 5-lane streets, only occasionally observing the traffic lights for crossing pedestrians.


What a great idea!

Peter T


This link was posted back in Jan this year.  There are a lot there.

Ta PtR

http://www.gsastuto.com/#!road-bike-rental/c1acu looks to be about the only option for road bike rental.

http://www.tokyobybike.com/2015/01/japans-cycling-seniors.html and


Are such a nice reads too.


its quite easy to ride around Tokyo have used a brompton and a Tokyo bike

The people from I love Sydney Bike Lanes are in japan at the moment are posting about it

Plenty of bike rental options in Tokyo — see also http://rentabike.jp... the Tokyo Cycle Club (http://www.tokyocycle.com) is a bilingual forum who are very helpful, especially if you are looking for a road bike or MAMIL bike rides (for inspiration, see https://www.youtube.com/user/phpchii).

However, like anywhere else in the world, there is no road bike like your road bike. I would highly recommend taking your own wherever you go! Or it is a perfect excuse to buy a Brompton.

I haven't rented a bike in Tokyo, but we rented some pretty insane power-assist bikes in Kyoto and mini-velos in Hiroshima. The tourist services all over Japan are very helpful, and may be able to help further for bikes, as will most larger hotel concierges. 

Most of the major rivers have wide shared paths on the levees (for example the Edo or Arakawa). On some of them you can ride 50km one way... and they are as flat as pancakes, so easy for the whole family. Overall, of course, the whole city is very bike tolerant, and you can ride on the footpath (grey bit of law governing this) without hinderance. Places where you can't ride on the footpath are clearly signed.

Bear in mind you need a bag to take a bike on a train. The cheapest ones are about ¥4000, and available at most bike shops. Y's Bike shops are probably the largest chain of well-stocked stores. Most longer group-rides go one way, and return on the train (so you will need a bag!).

I've been spending positive energy looking into this  and just thought others might be interested to read this blog of this chap who rode around Tokyo


Trouble is I've got only 1 Brompton...

Add: simply amazing! ... I wonder if the dates will align : http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/brompton_in_palace

Has anyone used this locally or overseas? https://www.spinlister.com

I note a handful of rides in Tokyo

I signed up and wanted to use it in Melbourne, but didn't find the right bike/location. Still, I think it could be a good idea. I wonder if it has much presence for Japanese cyclists - those bikes you see in Tokyo might be foreigners, which might be a little easier to organise actually. 


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