I'm researching for cycling related activities in Tokyo 

Travelling with family and kids, youngest will be 10 when we go.

Firstly up is city rides, there are a few Bike tours, but I'm thinking of getting mama-chari type bikes to do a self-guided city ride.

Apparently there aren't many bike lanes and sharing the pavement with pedestrians are the norm?

Q1: Does anyone has input or recommendations of mama-chari bikes and/or some city ride options  ?

Secondly are some slightly out of town family rides(ie not city central) , I'm thinking if I can source a tandem, it will allow for larger catchment of rides option.

Jonan Jima, and Odaiba mentioned in http://halffastcycling.com/mission.html seem like good options.

Q2: Anyone with recommendations on non-mama-chari bikes (say hybrids or similar) and/or tandems rental  , and/or ride options (ie 20-30km, easy pace with things for the kids to look at)? 

Thirdly , (without the family for a day or maybe even 2) I'm hoping to get out for a MAMIL road-type type ride.

For this it looks like renting a road bike isn't easy in Tokyo. Min-velo are an option

Q3 : Anyone with recommendations on road bike rental or MinVelos with drop bars ? and/or MAMIL ride options (ie range : 50-99 km , and hopefully scenic enough to be worth any hills! )

Q4 : Any other general advice, recommendations ? 


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Does anyone know what the yellow tags here mean?

Might be "registration" to say they can be parked there, a friend said he had that in Kyoto, didn't see it or hear about it in Tokyo.

I went to Japan again this year and stayed in Nagoya for a bit and managed to borrow some bikes for a day and it was really really great way to get around fast. Couldn't get bikes for the kids again so they dinked.

could be they have been parked there to long

Yup, I've had the fun Japanese experience of going to the bike impound lot to rescue my bike when I misunderstood a sign about how long I could park my bike in a space near a train station.

ahh japan is all about the misunderstanding

I too visited the 'cage of shame' when living in Tokyo.

Still, I'd rather have Tokyo style regs and bike parking than the bike parking mess they have in the Netherlands. 

They do similar to cars, except chain them to the wing mirrors.

Lawless gaijins cruising down the road with one flapping away to looks of shock and finger pointing.from the locals was amusing...most hare-brained idea we ever had to hire a car in Tokyo, I must say, even that long ago.

That is a specific use parking bay for bicycles and scooters.

The tagged bicycles are parked outside of it which is infringing the use of the outside space. Without being able to see the tags to read them I would expect them to say "leave your bike here too long and it will be removed and impounded".

Oh, a little gooling found:

Which reads pretty much as I guessed above.

So there's a little grace period? Ticket first then the impounding crew comes?

I'm looking at renting bikes but wary now if they get impounded if I park them in a 'time limited' spot.

Good luck with that. I can't read Japanese and I found it impossible to understand what the bicycle parking signs meant. There were ones which seemed to indicate that bicycle parking was absolutely prohibited that were surrounded by 100s of parked bicycles, and others which seemed to indicate that I should park my bicycle there, but when I tried helpful locals told me in broken English that I shouldn't as it was illegal and my bicycle may be impounded. Really it was totally beyond me - but I never had my bicycle impounded. It seems that around the stations there are parking areas where you have to pay and most people seem to park outside them and take their chances. If you park in the paid area without paying you get more trouble than parking outside the paid area. The above yellow labels are only a warning and it takes several days before the "abandoned" bicycles are removed - there are lots of abandoned bicycles in Japan.

The closest I came to having my bicycle impounded was when I went to a Starbucks - I parked my bicycle next to about 20 others and just as I was leaving a truck came along and some guys jumped out and threw all the bicycles into the back of it - I was later told by my friends that it was illegal to park there and the local council/police regularly did sweeps and removed all the bicycles without warning.


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