Wonder what the police will charge the cyclist with?

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I think so too. But imagine what would have happened if the trailer was one of those with wheels sticking out - like a car trailer. They frighten me a bit.

I have just got this update from ninemsn. I am calling bullshit on the claim by the motorist that he was not aware of what happened. Since I moved to the ACT I have had 1 major incident - I will spare you the details. The link to the story is here
A driver who side-swiped a cyclist with his trailer may face charges after the rider went to police with video of the incident.

The motorist involved in the accident, who did not want to be identified, told ninemsn he did not stop after the collision because he did not know he had hit the cyclist.

The cyclist was riding through a construction zone on Cotter Road, Weston, on Tuesday morning when the driver sped up and veered across his path to make a last-minute left-hand turn.

Video of the incident, filmed by a fellow rider with a helmet-mounted camera, shows the fluro-clad cyclist
riding in a bicycle lane before the silver Commodore cuts him off and clips his front wheel.

Remarkably, the shaken rider manages to stay on two wheels and can be heard asking, "Did you get that on video?"

The motorist, a Jim’s Mowing franchisee, said he had only found out about the cyclist being hit after he was contacted by the company who seen their advertising on his trailer in the video.

“I wasn’t aware of what happened. I thought I had cleared the driver so I just went on with my day,” he said.

The man said he had since contacted the cyclist by email to apologise and explain what had happened.

ACT Police confirmed to ninemsn they have made contact with the motorist and are considering whether to press charges.

The YouTube clip, which has been viewed 42,616 times since being posted on Tuesday, has provoked heated debate over who was in the right.

Sources: ACT Police, motorist (name withheld)
Author: Matthew Henry. Approving editor: Henri Paget

There has been "heated debate over who was in the right"? Really? I was under the impression it was clear cut.

I don't see the the relevance of whether the driver knew he had hit anybody. Hitting somebody and not knowing it is surely as bad as hitting somebody and knowingly driving off.

Not knowing that you hit someone is no excuse. It just means you weren't driving with due care and attention.

Agree completely - you wouldn't fly with a captain who had a histo

The way he overtook then turned across the cyclist was dangerous, whether he hit the cyclist or not. Somehow we need to get it into motorists heads that they should slow down and move in behind cyclists when turning left. Maybe someone has already done it, but a video showing good driving around cyclists could be useful.

Hmm, dunno what happened there. What I wrote was:

Agree completely - you wouldn't fly with a captaom who had a history of "not seeing things".

Only partly by choice - such captains would no doubt be rather self-limiting.


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