Wonder what the police will charge the cyclist with?

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So, should have had a speed restriction up. If the cyclist was injured he might have had a case against the road authority, as this set up was clearly an accident waiting to happen.

There probably was a speed restriction in place. It looks to me like the line of traffic was speeding up as it exited the roadworks. 

I dunno what the authorities could do there, as the only thing that would control that level of stupid would have been to block the lanes all the way through the intersection.

In those circumstances I would have held the lane until I had a full lane available beside me, , arm signalling to delay my move, which would force turning traffic to go behind me, but really can't expect the average rider to be as pigheaded about avoiding close passes as I am.

Thats right, the cars could have turned left at the intersection.

Maybe they could have marked a temporary bike crossing point for cyclists on the slip lane, as it looks like cyclists could have gone behind the barriers further back and got into slip lane early. Even without the road work barriers that bit of road must be murder. Some big signs saying "Watch for through cyclists when turning left " might help, but there doesn't seem to be any room for creative signage in the road manuals or creative thinking either.

They did - it was reduced to 40. 

Obviously the 40K was not extended far enough after the road works. And how fast was the driver going? Hard to tell of course but wasn't slow.

Bob, I replayed the video over a few times and you can hear the engine noise of the car increase as it accelerated to get past, and in front of the two cyclists(the one which was hit and the other taking the video).

There is a huge problem with these 'on the level' crossings, whichever way the priority is set.

Slow traffic in the path of fast traffic over a big distance is ugly and AFAIK not permitted in many countries.

Bridges and tunnels offer solutions. Of course there are numerous roundabouts about which are equally lethal, again you need a safer option for peds and cyclists.

The driver has been found via his franchise and is offering to pay for treatment/damage. Claims he was unaware of the collision.

I got sideswiped by ute towing a flatbed trailer last year. I ended up loosing it and on the ground, tear in my panier where the trailer clipped me. He saw me but didn't stop - he'd just crossed double lines to attempt to pass me, so was impossible for him to have been oblivious to me being on the road.  i went to the police, they took a statement and looked up the rego of trailer but they couldn't find it in their system (explained it may have been interstate or unregistered?) so the guy go off scott free. What really pissed me off was it was on a busy street (Edgeware rd) at peak hour and not one motorist stopped to help me out, i even got a honk when i was trying to get my things together which had spread across the road.

Hard to tell if he knew he hit me or not, but i know he saw the aftermath because he was looking at me in his mirrors. People forget that they are towing and don't leave adequate space when changing lanes. best example i've of this was a spectacular crash down in wollongong involving a car towing a boat, and a truck. boat trailer clipped truck, flipped, boat got airbiorne and skidded down the road.  

maybe an answer is that motorists should have to pass an additional driving competency test to allow them to tow trailers.


The driver simply forgot he was towing a trailer. The moron.

I think so too. But imagine what would have happened if the trailer was one of those with wheels sticking out - like a car trailer. They frighten me a bit.

I have just got this update from ninemsn. I am calling bullshit on the claim by the motorist that he was not aware of what happened. Since I moved to the ACT I have had 1 major incident - I will spare you the details. The link to the story is here
A driver who side-swiped a cyclist with his trailer may face charges after the rider went to police with video of the incident.

The motorist involved in the accident, who did not want to be identified, told ninemsn he did not stop after the collision because he did not know he had hit the cyclist.

The cyclist was riding through a construction zone on Cotter Road, Weston, on Tuesday morning when the driver sped up and veered across his path to make a last-minute left-hand turn.

Video of the incident, filmed by a fellow rider with a helmet-mounted camera, shows the fluro-clad cyclist
riding in a bicycle lane before the silver Commodore cuts him off and clips his front wheel.

Remarkably, the shaken rider manages to stay on two wheels and can be heard asking, "Did you get that on video?"

The motorist, a Jim’s Mowing franchisee, said he had only found out about the cyclist being hit after he was contacted by the company who seen their advertising on his trailer in the video.

“I wasn’t aware of what happened. I thought I had cleared the driver so I just went on with my day,” he said.

The man said he had since contacted the cyclist by email to apologise and explain what had happened.

ACT Police confirmed to ninemsn they have made contact with the motorist and are considering whether to press charges.

The YouTube clip, which has been viewed 42,616 times since being posted on Tuesday, has provoked heated debate over who was in the right.

Sources: ACT Police, motorist (name withheld)
Author: Matthew Henry. Approving editor: Henri Paget

There has been "heated debate over who was in the right"? Really? I was under the impression it was clear cut.


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