The Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee is meeting on Tuesday 25th at 4pm at the Lord Mayor’s Reception, Sydney Town Hall.  The meeting is open to public attendance and it would be good to have some friendly faces there to show support for the great work being done for cycling in the City of Sydney.

See here for the CSTTC homepage.

See here for the meeting notes for Tuesday 25th.  Stage 2 of the Kent St cycleway is up for discussion.  The project proposal is outlined on page 42 of the pdf and the design can be found in Appendix D from page 111.

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More of the same!

Regarding Tuesdays meeting and further non decisions like last two years
If they are waiting for a complete comprehensive plan before building any more cycle ways, then why is the barangaroo walkway still proceeding? Surely they need to wait till the plan is compete!

I just posted the agenda when I became aware of it, but have now had more time to read it and it certainly is a concern that further delays are proposed.  The best point I could see was that on page 43 the report states, "On 10 May 2013, Roads and Maritime Services approved the Traffic Signal Plans for the intersections of Kent / Bathurst and Kent / Druitt Street which incorporate the cycleway."

The is also some additional coverage in the SMH:

The release of the Sydney City Centre Access Strategy is going to be the key thing to look for.  

I the meantime, I don't see why they couldn't proceed with the Northern part of the Kent St design.

Have to say I agree with Our Glad in the SMH report about looking at Pitt and Castlereagh as bike routes. Like to see that.

Sure, but how about an east-west link? It would be great if there were more north-south options, but how are people supposed to get to them?

market St obviously, where the monorail used to be. Nice new bridge up from Pyrmont Bridge to Kent.

Who is going to approve or pay for it, though? The same bunch that are blocking the completion of Kent St?

hoping to get Star or Packer in a bidding war as to who is the most civic minded. 

Hi all

For those able, BIKESydney is calling on the bike community to attend today's (only second) meeting of the Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee to send a signal that it's completely unacceptable that the State Govt still hasn't delivered the Central Sydney Access Strategy on which permission to roll out CBD cycleways depends. A cynic would suggest the Roads Minister has an ulterior motive...

We haven't yet been successful in securing the opportunity to speak to the meeting. We're won't be stopping anyone calling out from the gallery. The meeting is most definitely a public meeting.

Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Commmittee

Tue 25 June 2013


Sydney Town Hall

Would the Roads Minister build a road with 20-50% missing?....


Our letter to the Minister for Transport on the matter of the further delay to the Central Sydney Access Strategy. A copy was sent also to the Minister for planning (Hazzard), Minister for Health (Skinner) and the Minister for Healthy Living (Humphries). Please send a short email requesting the urgent delivery of the Central Sydney Access Strategy.




24 June 2013


Dear Minister


It has come to BIKESydney's attention this afternoon that in all probability, tomorrow's meeting of the Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee (Tue 25 June, Sydney Town Hall, 4pm) will fail to deliver the Central Sydney Access Strategy.  This strategy was promised for delivery in May 2013.


We are very concerned that the delay brings significant consequences for cycling  in the CBD. The delay will now:


- impose contract renewal costs;
- require renewed agency approvals;
- potentially undermine the viability of CBD cycling projects as their construction may not be
  able to be completed ahead of the commencement of the George St light rail project (2015).
  If so, the State Government will very likely direct the postponement of the cycleways in
  order to manage congestion that would result from cumulative construction programs.



There are also other projects like the City West Cycle Link and the southern approach path to the Harbour Bridge that are being ignored while the State Government builds around them, simply because we don’t yet have an integrated transport plan. The State Government is well aware of these cycling proposals. 


The State government will also fail to deliver on its NSW 2021 goal of doubling the number of bike trips by 2016 if it doesn’t connect the CBD cycleway network in the next 18-24 months.


The key outcome required here is to open the way for City of Sydney to complete connection of CBD cycleways. Existing bicycle infrastructure in the city has been proven to be effective without adversely impacting on other travel modes.


Cyclists are still awaiting a safe East-West and North-South crossings of the city.  Without these connections, the great many who "would but don't" cycle because of their fear of riding on the roads will just not ride. They will opt for motorised transport instead. What will be the State Government's response when congestion yet worsens with the construction of the CBD Light Rail? and when the price of petrol rises above $1.50 per litre as it's expected to do by July 2013?


All agencies other than the RMS are wanting to proceed. We're kindly calling on you to stress the impressive economic and health benefits of the cycleways upon your Ministerial colleagues. It's embarrassing that other world cities have moved well beyond the point we're now stuck at.


The Premier has championed a "can-do" approach, and yet, after two years since the Government's election we still don't even have the blueprint let alone the infrastructure it would enable.


We'd really appreciate your assistance in encouraging the Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee to deliver the overdue Central Sydney Access Strategy in the third quarter of 2013. This outcome will materially inform the success of cycling in central Sydney.


Please call should you have any questions.


David Borella
bicycles and a liveable city 

I called the Ministers' Office and asked very politely when the plan was expected to be delivered.  When told it was still in development I let them know that it was disappointing as it was planned for May and that it is holding other projects up.  In a very friendly way.

Normally I do letters with barbed questions, but given the timeliness I thought a very lovely call to Ministerial Office staff might be a better piece of leverage.  Hopefully the Minister can do better than late deliveries and live up to the professionalism of her office staff.


...and the empty response from the Minister. (Noting that the State Govt's Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee failed to convene as was scheduled for this week - 17Jul13.)


The only positive here is the Govt re-confirming its commitment to its NSW 2021 goal of doubling the mode share of bike trips in the *greater* Sydney region by 2016.  (Achieving the goal will depend necessarily on the opening of new cycling corridors and/or veloways - like the City West Cycle Link.)






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