The Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee is meeting on Tuesday 25th at 4pm at the Lord Mayor’s Reception, Sydney Town Hall.  The meeting is open to public attendance and it would be good to have some friendly faces there to show support for the great work being done for cycling in the City of Sydney.

See here for the CSTTC homepage.

See here for the meeting notes for Tuesday 25th.  Stage 2 of the Kent St cycleway is up for discussion.  The project proposal is outlined on page 42 of the pdf and the design can be found in Appendix D from page 111.

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Both. Oil prices will rise relative to prices in general, but the time frame is long (decades), so day-to-day increases are both temporary AND evidence of a general trend.

BBC says we might have to wait a bit longer? (The receding threat from peak oil)

Gee, great news:

"There's enough oil in this country for another 100 years with our present technology and there's more around the world to be found yet."

We can keep burning the stuff until the planet is completely and utterly f*#%ed.

It is a bit weird.

Yes the US is producing more oil, yet the WTI price has caught up with the Brent price.

IDK if this is the effect of the Americans on holidays in their Winnebagos or that the oil being introduced into the market now is more expensive to produce or what.

world oil production according to US seems to contradict the old news that peak oil occurred back in 2006. Certainly world population is increasing, so oil production per capita has well and truly peaked.

IEA is talking about supply disruptions and increased demand, hence...

From the CSTTC site

Future meetings of the CSTTC are scheduled for the following dates:

29 August 2013 – from 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm
30 October 2013 – from 11.00 am to 12.00 pm
4 December 2013 – from 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm


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