Just rollin’

Are you experienced?

Well I am.

I ride it every day, rain or shine, I’m on my way.

In my town when it rains the sky opens and you have to look down to breathe.

The sun scorches and the humidity sucks you dry.

Are you experienced?

Well I am, just rollin’.

Fat banker, lycra wanker

Your ten thousand dollar bike can’t help you when my Surly cross check leaves you behind, just rollin’, she does this road every day.


I gotta keep my momentum rollin’, I can judge that gap, cager gotta wait, just touch the brake fat boy, I’m coming. I’m through.

Are you experienced?

Some guys like to jump off mountains, drinking Pepsi and shouting “Awesome!”

I just got my morning commute, speeding metal boxes, one tonne or more, got to judge the gap, weave on through, you can’t catch me, inner city traffic, I’m just rollin.

I don’t want to roll across your bonnet, BMW yuppie, first world, spoilt brat, soldiers died for your cheap petrol, what would you know? Give way loser, I’m coming. Rollin’

Are you experienced?

Well I am

I’ve met the big man who wants to jump out of his box and fight. I just take it out of his four wheel drive. His prize possession’s gonna need some expensive panel work. Big fat man is never brave enough to step up. He’s all show. I kick his door in, take his keys…and leave. Fat boy ain’t no match.


Are you experienced?

You need to be. I am. Stay frosty, stay focused. You won’t make a second mistake.

Are you experienced? Bus boy, train girl?

You’ll never know how it feels,

To be alive. Sweating in a box like rats, fighting each other for a seat. You shuffle off to work in a grey haze

Are you experienced?

I am.

Just rollin’

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Awesome, love some street poetry.
Hey they featured it on Pool today!


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