Magistrate Dave Gurry disqualified Justice Bampton from driving for a further eight months and 14 days, and reminded her that meant her licence had been cancelled.

He fined her $1300 for both offences, ordered she pay $260 in court fees and $10 to compensate the cyclist for her broken bike light.

He further ordered she pay SA Police $695.60 for the cost of impounding her vehicle.

See even though we think cyclists get the short end of the stick, here you can see that the judiciary has cyclist's interests uppermost in their minds. The cyclist was compensated $10 for being run over by SA's newest supreme court judge - if that's not justice I don't know what is!!

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It's a silly order, I have no idea why the magistrate did that. The cyclist's civil remedies are the appropriate method of obtaining suitable compensation.

what penalties do I get if I accidently hit her?


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