Hi all,

Seems cheeky to have my first post as a "For Sale" so I thought I'd say a bit more about me first.

I've been cycling all of my life, and I love doing it. I've had a variety of bikes over that time and I bought the Kona Stuff as I was still in to do dirt/jump style riding. Bike became more of a road bike in the end so I decided I'd get a road bike instead.

Initially had my heart set on a Kona Jake the Snake (I saw one in Brighton (UK) and it was love at first sight). However, I ended up getting an Orbea Terra TLT.

The bike itself was recently serviced and I've decided the time is to sell it. If anyone is interested, the bike can be found on Gumtree here - http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/glebe/bicycles/kona-stuff/1097360805

Open to negotiations, and I'm happy to be flexible with pricing if it's deemed I'm being unrealistic.

Hopefully hear from some of you,



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