Was the sound I heard as I got close to work this morning. It came from the front tyre and it appeared there was a darker patch on the tyre. I stopped at a traffic light and checked the tyre and found that the dark patch was in fact a bulge. Spinning the wheel I found that the Kthunk! was the bulge rubbing or knocking against the fork.

I let some air out and the bulge went down but clearly the tyre was on its last ride. I got to work and had a good look - it appeared that the tyre had got down or close to the canvas casing in the one area. It was clear that the tyre could not do the home run. I got a new tyre from an LBS at close to work. 

I am curious what could have happened - the tyre lasted around 3000km - it was Michelin Dynamic Sport. I don't go in for skidding. I fitted a tyre liner which kept the tyre going for a considerable time - I had less punctures with them in. 

Has anyone else had a similar experiance?

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Mine usually go kthunk, kthunk, kthunk, BANG!!

Inner tube bulging through a hole or between the bead and the rim when I stuff up a tube change.

just buy better tyres. if you're using your bike as a form of transport then those aren't going to cut it.

"Today, I give you the Michelin Dynamic. Let's not kid ourselves here. This is not a fancy tire. It doesn't claim to have any magical qualities in its rubber, no fancy dual-compound stripes, no flat-shielding belts, and not even much of a label. It has a basic steel bead. It's been around a while under different names -- back in the '90s, I think it was the Tracer. You can see that the poor Michelin website doesn't really know what to do with it. Sure, they made up RB and SW techno-jargon-acronyms (for "Rigid Bead" and "Skin Walls") just so there would be something to put on the "technical" tab, but I can hear the copywriter saying, "jeez, I dunno, it's just a tire.""

Lifted from http://cyclescribe.blogspot.com.au/2009/04/product-review-humble-mi...

Spending a little extra on tyres for a bike you are going to commute on is probably one of your best investments. I'd certainly pay an extra 20-30 dollars a tire not to have to fix flats and to triple the life of the tire.

I'm sure there are stories on this site of people commuting more than 10,000 km on a good quality tyre.

Just out on interest did you find yourself having a greater number of puncture than normal in past couple of weeks on that front wheel?

Michael, I didn't have any punctures - although the tyre copped quite a bit of battle damage due to glass and bits of metal on the side of a major road. The tyre liner probably saved me from that but could not save me from the bulge where I suspect the tyre had worn down to the canvas. I will use the tyre liner again although with something better than the Michelin Dynamic Sport - I thought they would be a road bike tyre but instead they are a recreational cycling tyre. 

Check that your brakes aren't rubbing on the tyre when applied. I has this happen to me and blew out a front tyre on the fixie while on a downhill. Not fun, but made worse as I was in a notorious part of the city.

I had something similar - wondered where the regular speed-not-cadence-related bump--bump--bump was coming from, particularly under front braking. My initial thought was it was the rim needed truing, &/or headset bearings (clicking in response to the resistance from the bent rim under braking). I couldn't find any deviation in the rim, but while checking it, noticed a bulge in the tyre as it passed through each rotation.

It happens. Sometimes. They get old and fatigue. Casing weakens, tube pushes in to it, makes the hole bigger.

Just be thankful it let you know before it went Kthunk! Kthunk! Kthunk! Kthunk! BOOM!!!

Oh, I feel a "to the tune of you know what" coming on... Be back in a couple of minutes...

It's rough, but, to the tune of you-know-what...

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Garmin 1000 shows the segment on my routie
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I was gonna be KOM before I heard the tyre go

Boom! Kthunk kthunk kthunk the rim!
Boom! Kthunk kthunk kthunk the rim!
Boom! Kthunk kthunk kthunk the rim!
Kthunk kthunk kthunk kthunk boom! 

Maybe the tyre liner rubbed on the wall or caused an out-of-round to explain the wear?

 With all the puncture resistant tyres around are Mr Tuffys still in business?

I hope so. I've had some Mr Tuffy's on the fixie. Used to buy any old cheap tyre and rely on the Mr Tuffy's do the job.


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