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 ... and so does the coalition!

(Like their bloody hide I know after Duncan Gay’s stupid anti-cycling jihad. But it’s nice to watch them squirm, at two minutes to midnight.)

The new Cycleway they are proposing “along the northern side of Centennial Park” already exists! And the connecting bit through Bondi Junction on Spring and Oxford Sts has already been approved and funded I believe, so a bit of double dipping here? 

Yes it's a bit hard to see the political logic of it really. They've done their best to discourage people from cycling, so the numbers interested will be reduced. Those who do still ride, despite the Coalition's best efforts, are likely to have seen the cycleway already, so they will realise the empty trick and won't be impressed. What's the strategy here exactly, boys and girls?

OTH it could be sloppy journalism. The funding might be for the Moore Park Road Cycleway which City of Sydney has proposed. 

Mm. Maybe. But cui bono, Bob? I reckon the vaguer the government's pro-cycling message gets, the more it probably benefits them with small-l liberal-minded voters who aren't involved with or particularly interested in cycling for themselves, but rather see support for it as brand enhancement. The government won't have been anxious to correct any misapprehensions here. So maybe that answers my question. 

How should we vote?

Aside from the problem with iVote going TU, I want to vote leaving both ALP and LIB off my vote entirely lest preferences end up encouraging them or even give them a go at claiming 'mandate'.

Actually a burn-in-hell option would be dandy.

Do any of the parties running actually have a viable cycling policy?

The current bike plan in Transport 2056 or whatever it is called isn’t too bad, with its network ideas based on 5km radius from centres. Just needs heaps of money and a total revolution in RMS/TfNSW hierarchy.  2056 way to far away to build a network.  Greens with a $billion on offer is obviously on the right track but Libs and Labs have increased there funding to somewhere around $400 m over four years, but disguised as Active Transport, so not clear what is for cycling.

Well that ended well, didn’t it?

At close of counting there are marginal seats with counts of around 50% or less.  Given Daley’s ordinary performance in the last week voters who voted early may well have voted in a larger proportion for the ALP ..... maybe we should wait for the final determination of seats.

I’m not convinced that the ABC’s election analysis, Antony Green, comments about the seat of Dubbo tonight.  He claims the National candidate will win.  At close of counting last night he had a 2PP vote of 50.6 with 64.0% of votes counted; tonight’s figures are 50.3 and 66.4%.

Still counting, but Nationals up to 52.6%. Still, a 20% swing against is pretty huge.


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