Bayside Council Have Your Say - Wolli Creek one way circuit including cycleway project -

Feedback will take less than 30 seconds.

It's the last day to provide feedback.

BIKEast support Option 2 (includes an extra length of cycleway).

If you have time, please also mention that you support a slower speed zone - eg. 40km/hr will benefit this increasingly heavy pedestrian area.

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Hi all,

I lodged my submission on Bayside's options for Wolli Creek the other day, as a local resident and active transport planner.

In my submission I noted that the proposed mix of a separated two way bike path, shoulder bike lanes in the car door zone of parked cars, marked mixed traffic lanes (bike stencils in the traffic lane) and unmarked mixed traffic lanes on the small network of streets in Wolli Creek town centre means any bike trip through the town centre will be:
- unsafe (e.g. cycling in the car door zone and cyclists requested to merge in and out of traffic lanes)
- inconvenient (bikes are not offered any contraflow option on the one way streets meaning circuitous trips); and
- awkward / impractical (moving between a separated bike path on one side of a street and mixed traffic lanes or bike shoulder lanes on both sides of the street).

I suggested the proposed bike route facilities were:
- simply whatever Council could fit in once traffic and on-street parking were accounted for, rather than an approach based on RMS' own bicycle route design guidelines;
- unlikely to cater for either the fast trips desired by confident riders or the safe, easy trips desired by new or less confident riders;
- inconsistent with good practice, e.g. this proposal includes bike shoulder lanes next to parked cars whereas the City of Sydney is currently REMOVING these types of lanes to improve cyclist safety.

I also suggested that as these streets are local centre streets and Council intends that they carry local traffic only, they should be designed to actively encourage cycling in the traffic lanes. I.e. a better outcome in terms of consistency of treatment and catering for cyclist needs would be mixed traffic lanes with bike stencils and traffic calming measures to ensure low speeds. This is consistent with recommended treatments in RMS / national bicycle route design guidelines.

Perhaps the ideal outcome would be separated bike paths consistently applied on all the streets however this would require removal of a lot of on street parking and is thus very unlikely (we're taking about Bayside Council here guys).

Feel free to use any of these points in your submission to Council (noting as per OP that today is the last day to make a submission).


Only 30 mins to go, and too much to take in. Don’t know the area well enough to say where cyclists want to go, though I think Guess St underpass is pretty crucial if a Wollli Ck on road route ever gets built. Also connects from Wollongong Rd.

Benny makes good points, maybe better to have shared traffic and low speeds, otherwise too many conflict points where you have to merge into traffic from a bike lane or bidi, eg in Guess St after the underpass, which is OK now anyway with 4 m lanes. Also don’t like 1.2 m bike lanes and 2.4 m bidis as you all know.

I'm familiar with the area and option 2 seemed a good result considering the space constraints.  No doubt some refinements could of been made.

Ironically its a great feeder into the airport cycleway which we are at risk of loosing

Like Lilyfield Rd it will probably be residents opposed or not opposed to the  one way system that will determine the outcome. 

The full traffic report is worth a read, it really pushes for improved pedestrian and cycle facilities, pointing out the need to prioritise them over cars if more and more apartments are built in the precinct. Cars still seem to have priority, particularly at intersections and turning or merging points, like the right turn from Arncliffe into Guess Sts.


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