I need to find a bike for my daughter who is 12yo and tall - 168cm.

She wants a ladies type bike with mudguards and rack.

We are in Lane Cove and have some hills up to 8%-10% so I think she needs a bike with real gearing - specially if she has a school bag on board.

The Trek Allant has more or less light MTB gearing with 28 front /32 rear - and has the guards and the rack.Doesn't seem to be many triples in this style.

Can anybody suggest anything else on the market I can look at?

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Unfortunately, the "Sport" was the only one with enough gearing according to my calculations, but not in stock.

I'm after a similar bike in size S.

One thing to consider is the gearing, some purchasing in this category get confused between the two sets of gears and the bikes look a little more elegant when they don't have front derailleurs and multiple chain rings.

Also what about a basket on the front.

And the one thing you can't predict is whether she likes the look of it, so if at all possible get her to choose the bike

I just ordered the Trek Allant WSD per the photo in my post above.

I'd have liked to have found something a little cheaper, but it wasn't to be .......

It has the gearing and has a rear rack standard.

This is it with the rear rack removed and basket added.

Fingers crossed she likes black!

Well done. If poss, would welcome a report as kinda need the same type of bike for the same age.
Would have liked to have seen a bit more website guff on brakes (really just the type of levers for not yet fully grown hands)as going down big hills too fast is what is holding "us" back from using the households 26 inch upland or the 700c cypress. The 24 inch bike she like is cool, stops (has cantis), shifts (is 15 speed) and is easy to ride and does all that is needed but is really getting a bit too small to use for high school next year.

On almost all the brakes on these types of bikes I've found they can be moved so there is less play in them allowing it easier to reach for small hands. I'm a good 18cm smaller than Johns daughter and have small hands. I find that bringing the brakes in allows me to actually reach them without too much drama.

Thanks for that.
Falling over or even crashing into things on the flat are all seen as good fun and part of biking, but steep hills with levers that need more than two fingers has taken away her confidence, so going up in size with small hands has been an big issue. Small handlebar grips are also important so I have been fitting these to thinner 25.4 mm bars.
BTW "I'm a good 18cm smaller"
No way.
No your not.
Well maybe,but not so sure you are right about this, but it has been a while....

I will be picking the bike up tomorrow and will report!
When Georgia was younger, brake lever reach was definitely an issue. Her old MTB which she got when she was 8 has twist shifters, which were a mistake - too hard to grip and twist with small hands. But the brake levers had adjustment and were less of an issue than the shifters.
Baa baa,
The bike is good. Georgia loves it already.
It all looks like better quality than the Trek MTB she got 4 years ago. The seat is a bit whacky, but that's what you get on a bike with a comfortable upright position!
It has Shimano Altus 8 spd trigger shifters with integrated brake levers that have reach adjustment. The grips are rather large pseudo Ergon style, but my Georgia doesn't mind. She rarely uses the levers, shifters and bars these days!

Excellent news that. Always good to hear of people both young and old who get lots of bikebugbites. The no hands stuff also gives a good indication of a bike that tracks well.
My plan is that “we” will be forced up to the bigger bikes in the shed and I really want to get her doing some manly dam dirt stuff during the holidays. Would like the proper bike in the new year for school commuting…
FWIW We have had a good run with serfas saddles for the girls…

Specialized Expedition, more of a dutch bike with triple. The Trek Allant is definitely the better looking one.

Edit: Have just seen I am too late. You have made a good choice :)

Thanks Si.
I'm looking forward to her taking on some longer rides with me, and it should be capable of long distance trail riding on holidays if I put some XC tyres on.


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