Lauderdale Ave & Commonwealth Pde, Manly alternatives

Just wondering if anyone has any route suggestions for Spit to Manly? We usuallly finish up on White Street which becomes Lauderdale, which becomes Commnwealth Parade, but I've often found the driving on Lauderdale/Commonwealth Pde to be fairly aggressive. Any other route suggestions from personal experience? Strava Heatmaps would suggest the route we take is the most popular.

Today (approx 7am) had a guy lay on his horn extremely close behind, then squeeze past and swerve into me in an attempt to run me off the road. Caught up with him at the lights at the ferry wharf a few minutes later, and tried to ask (as non aggressively as I could muster) what the issue was. Copped a torrent of abuse:  "how much ...... space do you want, you ....., blah, blah blah".  No point arguing with aggro.

Worth taking to the coppers in Manly? No camera's but I do recall his rego.

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I normally go Sydney, Hill. Rosedale then Lauderdale and, except for a little uphill segment, take the lane, as I'm probably not far off the speed limit and don't fancy dicing with doors. You can use Hilltop and Fairlight to avoid Lauderdale altogether though.

There is a share path on the southern side of Lauderdale, but you'd have to be 7 or 8 years old to find it any use. This injury case a few years back pretty much dismissed it

Might just have to accept you've encountered a typical arsehole. You have missed your chance for rough justice a la the Hilux driver at the Spit a while back though - punch in the face, grabbed the keys out of the ignition and tossed them!

Just keep on going the same way, plenty of safe overtaking spots. One arsehole should not put you off. It is a suburban route of 50kmph going into a 40 k zone so drivers can just slow down and wait or if you get a chance tell them to go via Sydney Road.

Sorry although it is only rare now, I do get pissed off with this stuff, my grand parents and even great grand parents have had houses in White street, it has always been an alternative route to Sydney road but my youngest kid walks across these streets to school daily as do most other locals kids so no need to speed.  When we ride together I tend to sit behind and take most of the road,or we go the full bike path to Manly via the Burnt Creek Bridge/  Dudley Street near Balgowlah golf course.  At other time I just listen for the hoons and if they do come close just eyeball them and ride slower. Take any horn as a chance to smile and wave hello?

Slightly longer but entirely free of aggression and with pleasant surroundings:

I assume you are riding up Battle Blvd and then  arriving at the roundabout in Sydney Rd; from there take either first or second left into Kempbridge or Hope, left at the end of either gets you onto the cycle path adjacent to Burnt Bridge Creek Bypass (tranquility zone) via a loop and a tunnel to its eastern side.

Follow through to Pitt St then Balgowlah Rd which is ok to ride but jt does have a shared path most of which is quite good. Near the swim centre turn off Balgowlah into Pacific which is not pacific in magpie season be warned, you are then in tranquility zone again, take Smith, Kangaroo, Raglan and you are then almost in the middle of Manly.


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