Lazy Libs/police on MPD and changing attitude of ALP on cyclist penalties

For the last few years I've been in discussions with my local ALP state member primarily regarding the anti-cycling and lazy attitude of the police when it comes to enforcing the mandatory passing distance law, and to a lesser extent, the stupidity of the revenue raising laws that they are enforcing. Today she sent me the following letters. It appears that ALP may be changing to recognise the stupidity of the magnitude of fines against cyclists, and one would hope that they would continue to improve if they get into office. She also attached a response from Kevin Anderson outlining the government's "we're here to help you" attitude towards cycling, and of course, passing the buck from the lazy anti cycling politicians to the lazy police for MPD enforcement. Make your own assessment!

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Interesting they cite $62 million for cycling and ped infrastructure last budget. It's gone down to almost zero this budget..

Should be 20% of roads budget too.


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