Did you get hooked into watching the Veledrome  race coverage? I watched more than I planned. It occurred to me that it's high time SBS, which calls itself, Bike Central, devoted some substantial coverage to utility cycling.

Racing is all well and good, but its not going change our world for the better as we know that using bikes as transport, surely can. I don't have to list the ways. You know them already.

My specific challenge to SBS, which I spell out on my blog, http://situp-cycle.com, is to do an in-depth look as the public bikes of London, in the lead up to the Olympics

. Find out why there are working better than expected. Delve their ability to bring non riders to the idea of bikes as transport.Ask the key question, why cant we have the same?

Think this is a fair challenge? Then support it, please. Add your own variant on the utility bike story that you'd like SBS to get their teeth into .

To prime the pump further,   I add this  cut down version of one of my films, now called. The Return of the Speedwells.


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Great idea Mike but I'm not sure if SBS are sending crews to the Olympics given that Foxtel, Nine and Macquarie Radio have secured the rights to London and Vancouver. 

To send people to London outside of that advertising boon, costs $$. So if you were suggesting to them to send a crew to London for example you're talking plane fares for a crew of say three (producer, camera, sound), plus whatever wages and equipment costs are relevant. Comes into the thousands. 

I don't know how SBS crews internationally, but I assume their news comes from sources around the globe rather than their own crews.

I've done some mixing for SBS on a design people show. The same guy does another show for SBS - both done on a shoestring, and I'm not sure if it's SBS money. He may find funding then sell to SBS (I'll see if I can find out). So these boutique shows may not be originating in SBS. Far better to sell them your documentary - or offer to shoot one in return for a guaranteed sale. (Which is a fun idea if you can find the $$).

I dont watch the cycling shows on SBS, but are they local or international? Is the footage from overseas shooting that they've bought and linked together locally?

As always it's the old $$ that drives TV content. I think it's all a great idea and wonder if pitching it to Foxtel might be a better idea ..

I'm growing on the idea of a cycle show that covers all aspects of cycling, there are so many, just listen to the cycling 360 podcasts.

If you had a similar formula of 3, Moe, Larry and Curly as they do in Top Gear it could work well.

A know it all leader (Moe[BikeSnobNYC]), someone eager to do well (Larry[pick a blogger you know doing it all and lovin it] ) and an upright bike riding bike guy, (Curly [sorta Grant Petersonish]).  The formula works with the correct combo of riders.


The subjects are quite endless, showing people selections of bikes for different tasks, a three way challenge to use a specific type of bike to do a specific task.  Which is the best allrounder.


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