Hi All,
Just writing to give a plug to the Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club track season that starts on 22 October. The LACC velodrome has a gentle slope, so great for those first starting out at track racing. However, we also have serious racing well suited to A grade riders (we often have pro cyclists turn up for a race).

Lidcombe Oval is at Church St, Lidcombe

Track Racing - Each and Every Friday Night!
Gates Open at 6.15, registration from 6.30
racing begins at 7pm for Juniors and 7.30 pm for Adults.
nb: to race, you do need a Cycling Australia racing licence

Track training - starts Tuesday 19th October 6.15 for Juniors and 7.45 for Seniors

Track Racing is for everyone, from top A Graders all the way to little kids in our BMX fun races

Seniors grades A – D

Juniors Div’s 1 – 3 (based on abilities, not age groups)

Women – track cycling in particular is ideally suited to women and girls – track cycling is fun, fit, friendly and safe – give it a go ladies! Women ride in the grades or when we have the numbers, we run a separate women’s event. Ladies night is run during November so now’s a good time to come and try out the track.

BMX, for all the young kids, and older kids, having their first taste of track cycling. If the child is off training wheels, they can race in the BMX race. We have kids as young as 4 racing.

Families - LACC has a strong culture and tradition of family involvement with Dad & Mum racing in the grades and the kids pedaling around in the Juniors and BMX.

Everyone is welcome – these Friday Night Carnivals are open to all cyclists, from all clubs

Ideal for Beginners – with the gentle slopes of our 430m track , Lidcombe Oval is an ideal way to get yourself into track cycling.

Don’t have a track bike - Come down and we’ll find one for you to ride. There really are no excuses!

Cyclists with Kids - well, we know there are many of you out there with kids , you enjoy your cycling , we have proven that the very best way for YOUR KIDS to become involved, is to start them off on the track – it’s safe, they get plenty of races, Mum & Dad can see the entire race, Grandparents and friends can come along and enjoy the night as well.

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sounds good, might dust off the track bike and give it a crack. Dunc Gray is such a pain to get to, this should be a fair bit closer for me.
When you say all riders need a licence, does that include 8 year old kids?
Yes even 8 year olds. But a racing licence for an 8 year old is $15 for the year (lasts til end of 2011)


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