Light phasing at Wilson St / Erskineville Rd intersection

So the City has installed bicycle lanterns at the Wilson St / Mary St / Erskineville Rd intersection. That's good - now there's a legal way for bikes to proceed west onto King St.

However there's a problem: bikes only get half as many opportunities to cross as the cars coming in the opposite direction (even if you're sitting on the grid, one phase comes and goes with no green light). Worse, the timing is such that when you get a green bicycle lantern, the subsequent light to turn left onto King St is turning red.

This route is now really sloooow. It often takes five minutes to travel about 100m through these two traffic lights.

Would anyone like to join me in asking someone to change the phasing? As far as I can tell the place to do it is here:

Feel free to copy:

I write regarding the recently installed bicycle lanterns at the intersection of Wilson St and Mary St, Newtown. The phasing of these lights is currently set up so that bicycles travelling west only have half as many opportunities to cross as traffic travelling east. Furthermore, when the bicycle lantern does turn green, the light at the subsequent intersection (Wilson St and King St) is turning red. This means it often takes 5 minutes to travel about 100m through these lights.

Please change the phasing so that bicycles are given right-of-way to proceed straight (west) ahead of cars turning onto Erskineville Rd during both portions of the phase.


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Turn right into car park before Erko/Mary St, then into Whately Lane and then left on King? Or back at Brown St. Can do hook-type turns into Mary or Enmore Rd if going that way. Says No Entry on the car park entrance, but another ten years of effort should get a Bicycles Excepted sign there. Or is that a bit dated, I'm going off Street View.

I feel a strange urge to ride past today just to see.

Did so, on a visit to Cheeky Transport. I noticed you can ride into the car park just before Mary St, except for a big lip on the In driveway. No such lip on the Out driveway, and quite wide so just use that. A zig zag on Whately Lane  brings you out on King, where only a short distance to Mary.  

Also tried Brown St to get to King. The lights there are handy to cross into Egan St, which is signed One Way out but quickly becomes two way. Be a candidate for the new contraflow guide. From Egan you can get to Camperdown Park and beyond, bypassing Mary St. Maybe they should signpost this.

Didnt learn much at the Wilson St lights, except there wasnt much traffic about at midday and most cyclists just improvised, half were on the footpaths. Many turned right into Mary, etc. Also saw a few going contraflow northeastward on Wilson up the green bike lane.

I waited at the lights on the diamonds but nothing happened for several minutes, or so it seemed. Had lunch in the cafe on the corner, but the service was very slow.

Might get a new touring wheel from Cheeky, and upgrade my aging Trek 520 a bit with new brakes. More fun than looking at the lights in Wilson St.

And the amusing thing about getting across King St at that second set of lights is that the King St traffic is almost always stopped right across the junction, blocking it. Often the offending cars don't even notice the oncoming cars & bikes about to t-bone them as they're too busy having a horn-based altercation with another car (usually a taxi) trying to cut in from the left....all part of life's rich tapestry.

I think the phasing on the lights in Wilson St & Erskineville Road has been changed for the better.

It now appears to have a bike light every 'cycle', not every 2nd 'cycle' like it used to.  Either that or I have lucked out for the last 10 or so times I went through it. 

Looks like I will have to have another coffee in the corner cafe and observe  the lights and current level of improvisation and/or  compliance by cyclists. 


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