I am having my first winter of commuting from Alexandria to Castle Hill at least once a week -- Due to travel and work loads two weeks ago was my first commute home in winter without the benefit of daylight saving.

I travel with lots of lights but totally blown away by the fact that the Meadowbank Bridge is totally devoid of any lights at all with two bollards either end with dim reflectors.Lots of pedestrians walking from Rhodes to Meadowbank in pitch black and cyclist provide the only lights.

The same can be said for the bulk of the Parra Cyclway between Meadowbank and the new precinct near Rydalmere - what is a very well used walking/jogging  route for people exercising in summer is very quiet currently as so uninviting which I am sure also affects cycling numbers as pitch dark bike paths hardly attract riders

Ironically ped/cycle bridge near Rheem at Parra end ,which would be hardly used by Pedestrians,  is quite well lit .

Is there anything that can be done? 

PS I love this cyclway and look forward to riding on it whenever I can - a great piece of infrastructure  and so beautiful riding next to river



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All true and due to the artistic winding nature of much of the route your lights don't always illuminate the path well and you can be right on to a ninja pedestrian or cyclist with little warning. Only things you can do is slow down, have very good wide beam lights and perhaps a secondary helmet light that you can point around the bend.

My experience of it too when enjoying insomnia based night riding, except more ninja rabbits and very very few ninja pedestrians.  

The transport for new south wales ( feedback form is useless, it results in our friend in the RTA sending the message on to council.  Directly contact the councils concerned, use key language like "duty of care" "public liability" "concern for personal safety" and CC your email to your state members (including the upper house members of your choice, you could CC it to all of them, they're all your member!).  Discuss your concern for others, and the number of people affected by the issue.

A huge issue for personal safety, especially women obviously.

Yes. In a similar manner, the very heavily used Fernleigh Track here in Newcastle has no lights at all, unless it parallels a road and gets some spillover. As a result, many people, especially women, will not use it outside of daylight hours due to personal safety reasons. My wife happily runs on it during summer, but hardly uses the Fernleigh in winter.


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