Lilyfield Road bike route - the latest Concept Plans

Two cycleway options are presented.

The first is the original cycleway plan presented in 2017-2018 with its two one-way sections, Balmain Road to Norton Street and Gordon Street to Victoria Road, the bi-directional cycleway and accompanying loss of 136 parking spaces. It is admitted that this plan is unlikely to be popular.

The second option is to leave Lilyfield Road unchanged except to move the bike lane from one side of Lilyfield Road to the opposite, up-hill, side in two places and also to fix the pedestrian crossing at Grove Street so that pedestrians are more visible to eastbound traffic.

Also presented for comment are four supplementary cycle routes which start and/or finish at Lilyfield Road but otherwise bypass it. Two of these routes commence on the other side of the Inner West Council area adjacent to Timbrell Park and finish at Balmain Road. Another route goes via LPAC and Wharf Road, to avoid the steep hill in Lilyfield Road.

I prefer the third which is a route behind the City West Link (CWL) noise wall from Charles Street to Henry Street or even Derbyshire Road. It uses an existing shared path for most of the route and existing pedestrian crossings and footpath along the CWL between James and Norton Streets. This route takes advantage of the gentle CWL gradient to avoid the Lilyfield Road hill. The hill in Charles Street could be avoided by extending the route  west, behind the CWL noise wall, to Canal Road.

The Lilyfield Road Feasibility Report is now on exhibition until Sunday 25 September 2019. You can see more detail here -

As part of the exhibition the following drop-in information sessions will be held to answer any questions:

Wednesday, 4 September 2019 6.30 - 8.30pm at Centurion Lounge, Leichhardt Oval, Mary Street Lilyfield

Saturday, 7 September 2019 2 - 4pm on the pedestrian/cycleway bridge over Hawthorn Canal, Lilyfield Road, Lilyfield

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Rode this way last night. Terrible. Will email them now.

Thank you for your email.


Yes, the temporary pavements along Lilyfield Road and in other work areas will be rectified on completion of our work. At this stage, Lilyfield Road will be rectified early next year. Also, I would like to reassure you that our trenching meets safety requirements.


Please be mindful that when we are working, reduced speed limits and changed traffic conditions are in place for the safety of workers and road users, so motorists and cyclists are advised to drive to the conditions and follow the directions of all signs and traffic control.


If you would like to discuss this further, I am happy to call you at your convenience.


Kind regards



Community Relations



Rozelle Interchange

84 Lilyfield Road, Rozelle, 2039


P 1800 660 248


Pretty poor, putting us as threats to the road workers. 

I’ve  seen a few cyclists use the footpath on left to get past the boom gates when they are doing one way working. They allow car parking on the railway side, mainly for their own workers. If that was free they could have a separate bi-Di  for cyclists.

I have lost interest in following the ins and outs of wasteconnex so don't really know what goes where but if the undouted benefits of the project are real (and why wouldn't they be) won't most of the Anzac Bridge / Victoria Rd / M4 traffic stay underground (where it belongs) and therefore the "old" CWL will be largely empty so can be converted to parklands and cycleways? Or do I have it wrong?

Possibly be underwater around Haberfield before too long. Separated canoe paths, now!

somewhere on the Innerwest Council website is some investigation on traffic flows on the CWL, but  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a decrease. I guess the toll avoiders will still use it, and there will be a twin tunnel under my house that connects the CWL and M5. If you want to get onto the M5 from say Norton St, Leichhardt, you would go east down the CWL and turn left into the tunnel near the new Parklands,  which are really just a disguise for motor way machinery, smoke stacks and retention ponds I’m coming to realise.

Hey Bob, the latest estimate of sea level rise based on the last ice age melt is 3.4m/century so in about 50 years the Rozelle Interchange will flood at high tide.

The results of Complete Urban's community consultation for a new preliminary proposal [1] for this cycleway came before the Traffic Committee on 4/11/19. 

In 2015 the Inner West Council (IWC) was allowed $500,000 under an RMS Active Transport grant for the planning of a Lilyfield Road Cycleway. Consultants GHD were employed by Council but in February last year, after three iterations and 500 objections, plans for a cycleway along Lilyfield Road were withdrawn. It seems that the RMS has allocated another $500,000 for a new plan together with almost $2M for the actual construction. (These amounts are on top of the $516,000 already spent on last year’s failed GHD plan.) The inner West Council has appointed Complete Urban as the new contractor.  As before, the IWC will be entitled to a share of these Active Transport grants for contract administration. This is an enormous amount of money for what should be an essentially low cost mode of transport. 

Community engagement on the new preliminary proposal amounted to 26 emails and 188 responses on the Your Say website. Of these 188, 47% opposed any plans with one-way sections (the Report’s Option B) and 13% thought everything should be left as is. The remainder mostly preferred some part of Option A, where Lilyfield Road remains as up-hill bike lane / mixed traffic and neither of the one-way sections is implemented. 

Four “supplementary routes” were included to provide ways of bypassing the steep hill between Canal Road and James Street. There was little community interest in this section with 18 responses opposing all of them and between four and twelve responses in favour of particular routes.

 It seems that the concept plans may still be open to influence. Only in the last few weeks has the IWC found out about the Westconnex rail yard cycle path, which may result in planning of the eastern section of Lilyfield road being put on hold [8]. Initially supplementary Routes 2 and 4 were the preferred routes. By 30/9/19, when I phoned, this had changed to supplementary Route 2, based on representations from CanBUG, a cyclist group from Canada Bay, but by Traffic Committee on 4/11/19 this had changed to Route 1. The recommendation in the published version of Traffic Committee Item 20 is in error in this regard. 

The community consultation report presented on 4/11/19 will go to the next Council Meeting with a recommendation to proceed with more detailed planning involving Option A and Supplementary Route 1.


That’s good Bill. East end of Lilyfield Rd will still be needed as part of a detour route until 2023 when the Parkland path will replace it as the link to Anzac Bridge.

Option 1 in the Supplementary routes is the Francis St one that Bike Leichhardt proposed. Somehow the manager of the project dropped it for the TC report, but after a talk with him he said he would reinstate it, so hopefully that will go through Council tonight.


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