Anyone live in Sydney Hills District? Proposed changes to Cnr Carrington and Showground Roads, Castle Hill. Looks like they are cutting out the cycleway to make way for more room for cars.

RMS is requesting feedback. If you live in the area PLEASE WRITE A LETTER!

Complaining on Facebook and Twitter is fun, but letters actually make a difference. Please make a difference.

Details here :…/castle-hill-showground-carringt…

My response follows - feel free to cut and paste.

To whom it may concern,

I am responding to your request for feedback concerning the proposed changes to Corner of Carrington and Showground Roads, and to request more information.

There is, presently, a shared-path cycleway the entire length of Carrington Road, along its Western side, extending from Victoria Road, through to Showground rd. This is part of the main regional cycle route and is, currently, the only safe, off road, way to access Castle Hill shopping centre, Castle Hill Primary School, Castle Hill High school, Hills Sports Centre, Caterson Tennis centre and Castle Hill RSL, from Windsor Road.

Further, with the construction of the Sydney Metro, it will become an important thoroughfare for commuters wishing to cycle to the metro station, which will be constructed on Carrington road, not far from the intersection.

I am concerned that your proposed changes to the intersection appear to have removed this cycleway along Carrington. I can only assume this, as the cycleway is not marked on the map you have provided, and the road widening at this point appears to have been at the expense of the wide shared path.

I was hoping someone at RMS could confirm this, and, if true, advise how cyclists are now supposed to access Showground Road at this busy intersection – especially as you propose a new cycleway along the Northern side of Showground Road – how are cyclists supposed to get there?

I would like to reiterate that the current shared path cycleway is the only safe OFFROAD access to this area, and a proposal to have cyclists join the motorised traffic using some kind of painted onroad lane sharing would not be appropriate and would result in an unacceptable loss of amenity for local cyclists who need to access Castel Hill.

I would ask that the current shared path cycleway please be preserved.

Further, I would advise that a proper traffic light system be included for cyclist who will be attempting to cross the proposed slip lane from Carrington, south into Showground road, as these kind of intersections are particularly hazardous to cyclists. I would, again, like to reiterate that this is a main regional route and an intersection that requires cyclists to dismount to cross with pedestrians would result in a substantial loss of amenity to cyclists using this intersection.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to comment on this proposal. If you wish to discuss these issues I can be contacted on xxxxxxxxxxx.

Bernard Carpenter

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