The new Liverpool Street separated bikepath was open when I rode to work this morning so I gave it a try.

Straight away, a few problems were evident.

Firstly, as you head citybound continuing on from Oxford Street (from the East), you reach the traffic lights at Elizabeth Street.

Here, if you want to join the cycleway, you need to get across 2 lanes to your right. No bikebox or ASL is provided, so I suspect riders will use the pedestrian crossing as a defacto ASL.

Would it kill the RMS to move the stopline for cars back 2 metres and put in a decent bikebox?

Second thing - as you continue, the bike lantern at Pitt Street is a very short green cycle. It goes red, while the cars get an ongoing green.

Continuining on, George St is better - they've made it no right turn, so bikes appear to get the full green cycle.

Third problem. They have painted TINY bikeboxes at George Street, for riders entering or leaving the bike path. These would be lucky to hold a single cyclist. Come on.

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Looking forward to your east bound review this afternoon, suspect there might be more problems, my expectations of NSW cycleways can't go much lower though, the sort of cycleways you have because a modern city should have them but you don't really want anyone to use in case it encourages more of these cyclists.

I can't see myself using it in the Eastbound direction, as it stops one block short of Hyde Park. A bit ridiculous considering Liverpool St is oneway westbound, so it simply doesn't work as a West to East route. All because of one lousy block.

So I'm just going to have to ride straight up Bathurst Street.

Some pics:

1. If you want to get to the cycleway, you need to get from here to here, without the help of an ASL.

2. Short bike phase. At this moment, bike lantern is red, cars have a red arrow. Car blocks bikepath anyway. No winners.

This is my evening commute, but I've been away from Sydney for a few weeks. I'm quite sure when I return I will continue to take the road just like that cyclist on the left (actually, not like him - I claim the lane). Hardly any point for a bi-directional lane in this place anyway. Westbound is down hill one way - traffic calming would work perfectly given the traffic crawls along anyway, and then an uphill eastbound lane only for cyclists would be perfect (provided it continued all the way to Hyde Park). 

3. George St. Can you spot the poxy bikeboxes?

How the civilised world does bikeboxes:

Used it this morning, turned off George onto Liverpool and was pleasantly surprised. So were quite a few pedestrians when I followed the bike path around the corner onto Kent St. It's nice, at the the one block I used.

Now can we connect the George St (Redfern) cycleway to Liverpool St? Please?

I think the planned route is:

  1. George St Redfern,
  2. Prince Alfred Park,
  3. Chalmers St shared path,
  4. Belmore Park,
  5. Castlereagh St cycleway, which connects to
  6. Liverpool St cycleway

The Chalmers St bit is the only big problem; it's way too crowded with pedestrians for a shared path.

Aren't you required to walk your bike along the Chalmers St stretch? Or this that just the narrow section near the bus stop and entrance to Prince Alfred Park?

I think the "Dismount" painted on the ground applies to only a small section. And probably has no legal force anyway.

The thing about "Dismount" signs is that there's never a "remount" sign, and the Dismount sign never specifies for how long or how far.

So hop off, and hop straight back on again.

"So hop off, and hop straight back on again."

cyclocross skills practice

Maybe not - I'm a big boy, with a carbon seat-post, and I've heard of THAT story.


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