The new Liverpool Street separated bikepath was open when I rode to work this morning so I gave it a try.

Straight away, a few problems were evident.

Firstly, as you head citybound continuing on from Oxford Street (from the East), you reach the traffic lights at Elizabeth Street.

Here, if you want to join the cycleway, you need to get across 2 lanes to your right. No bikebox or ASL is provided, so I suspect riders will use the pedestrian crossing as a defacto ASL.

Would it kill the RMS to move the stopline for cars back 2 metres and put in a decent bikebox?

Second thing - as you continue, the bike lantern at Pitt Street is a very short green cycle. It goes red, while the cars get an ongoing green.

Continuining on, George St is better - they've made it no right turn, so bikes appear to get the full green cycle.

Third problem. They have painted TINY bikeboxes at George Street, for riders entering or leaving the bike path. These would be lucky to hold a single cyclist. Come on.

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Dismount is a safety advisory sign, not a lawful instruction.

"End Shared Use Path" signs mean that to lawfully proceed you need to dismount.

Tried this route on the way home tonight. Wasn't too bad, as long as you liked waiting at every block of the lights, or dodging pedestrians around Central. Oh, and the light detector loops from Liverpool onto Castlereagh don't work. And pedestrians, everywhere.

I had to get to O'Connell St yesterday so thought I'd try the Castlereagh st cycleway -coming in via Prince Alfred Park is my normal way -it sucked big time ,got confused at the Liverpool st cross street & ended up walking the length of Castlereagh to O'Connell .There is no clear path into the GPO which I suppose is the centre of the CBD .I was confused and I've been cycling into the city since 2010 .If I was a newbie now I think I would be put off  cycling in.

Going home I thought I'd go College St for perhaps the last time but no they had closed it  so through the east Hyde Park I went and along the footpath on the western section till I had an acess ramp through the war memorial section .Give it time but I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a hue  and cry about bikes through Hyde Park

"Give it time but I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a hue  and cry about bikes through Hyde Park"

No doubt preceded by Dunce Gay closing College St to cyclists because the tin pushers whinged about bikes taking the lane and slowing down the traffic!

Except the bike lane was a parking lane prior, a traffic lane wasn't taken to put the bike path in

Hi all, 

Sorry, I don't post much but do read a fair bit. However, just used the new Liverpool Street cycle way this morning and I am genuinely concerned about the hook right turn across it from Liverpool Street into Pitt Street - it feels very dangerous.

I was wondering if anyone knew who you write to in order to voice concerns? Had a quick Google around and can't really see anything.  

It feels like a lack of clarity on right of way. There is a red bike light but it is almost invisible next to the main green light and as traffic is all flowing the same way it feels like it is good to go (not helped by inconsistent bike lights across the city which often tell you that you can't go when you can). I expect many riders would check left and see traffic stationary at Pitt Street and assume it was okay, not thinking to check over shoulder and behind them. Traffic is thundering down Liverpool and swinging into Pitt. 

I pulled up at it this morning as I had clocked the red bike but guy behind nearly hit me and started screaming it was right of way. At that point a massive SUV thundered around, making it clear it wasn't. However, that is exactly the same issue I see happening at this junction. 

P.S. I think you can kind of see it in Picture 2 above, where the car is swinging right. 

Given the design, I would be very tempted to stay in the normal traffic lane until past the pitt street intersection... that turn is certainly dangerous. 

(it is downhill going west anyway..)

Would have thought going east would be  benefitial but the current design is telling riders to go up Bathurst instead... (officially, according to sydneycycleways!)

I actually thought exactly that on my way home this evening. 

On the few times I ever went that way previously I don't recall there being any particular issues with just flowing with the traffic. It seems you would get much more green time doing that as well, so I am not sure what the advantage of the lane going down is. 

As you say, might be better coming the other way but they are directing up Bathurst, so really not sure. 

Either way, I have decided I will stick with College for the time being. I always found the bit after Hyde Park (with no cycle lane) fine, so I will just see if it is manageable along Hyde Park in main traffic. At least nothing is going to come across me. 

Feel they really should look at the Pitt Street one though, even if it is some additional signage or something. Really feels like there could be an accident there. 

City of Sydney were seeking people to stand along the new cycle ways to advise or assist users. Anyone seen them?

There was discussion during the design phase about those hook turn arrows and the small space allocated. Bike groups weren't too keen on the design at that stage, pointing out what is now being said.

Saw one tonight promoting Sydney Rides Festival.

Sounds like a band aid Bob.  When they open a new road do they have people there directing people how to use it.?  Not that I am aware of.  And anyway I might use a link like this, but it's not in my normal patch.  Will those "how to use" people still be there when I'm 64?  (That's a way off BTW) Perhaps there is an issue there.  I also note this was brought up at planning stages to no avail.

I note there are many peeps around Wynyard handing out the new maps for the bus rerouting.  We picked ours up on Sunday.

I love seeing new cycleways open - this is great news.

I wonder though, why do we build these 2 way narrow cycleways on one side of the street instead of a lane on each side? We make the intersections needlessly complicated... perhaps one day we'll convert them all to one-way and build one on the other side :)


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