The new Liverpool Street separated bikepath was open when I rode to work this morning so I gave it a try.

Straight away, a few problems were evident.

Firstly, as you head citybound continuing on from Oxford Street (from the East), you reach the traffic lights at Elizabeth Street.

Here, if you want to join the cycleway, you need to get across 2 lanes to your right. No bikebox or ASL is provided, so I suspect riders will use the pedestrian crossing as a defacto ASL.

Would it kill the RMS to move the stopline for cars back 2 metres and put in a decent bikebox?

Second thing - as you continue, the bike lantern at Pitt Street is a very short green cycle. It goes red, while the cars get an ongoing green.

Continuining on, George St is better - they've made it no right turn, so bikes appear to get the full green cycle.

Third problem. They have painted TINY bikeboxes at George Street, for riders entering or leaving the bike path. These would be lucky to hold a single cyclist. Come on.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, it's because a bi-directional cycleway can be squeezed into a single ordinary car lane whereas two single-direction cycleways need extra width and would require two ordinary car lanes.

I agree that two single-direction lanes would be much better. 

One positive: the people building the newer cycleways seem to have figured out how to make the surface nice and smooth in a way that they couldn't manage with the first generation of cycleways.

And they've even resurfaced part of Kent St and given it the smooth treatment.

a couple of positives the lights at the corner of campbell and liverpool seem to be in sync with the peds lights (watched it for two hours this morning so I know) and it is a more pleasant way to join kent than previously but it doesnt replace college street

and am surprised at the number of cyclists who either dont know how to trigger the lights or couldnt be bothered triggering the lights ,about 75% in a 2 hour period

Why should cyclists be required to know how to trigger lights?  If there is 75% not triggering the lights that sounds like an infrastructure issue.

basic 1 2 3 to me to know how to use the infarstructure

I went back down to look at the junction (still dangerous) and there was a guy from Bicycle NSW stood there in a blue t-shirt. 

He told me that the light trigger wasn't working and had been reported for the contractors to come and fix it.

Might explain the somewhat ad-hoc results here. 

Give it time. No doubt utilities companies are lining up to have their chance at digging it up and doing a crap job of putting back together again. Like Bourke Rd.

Sure, but it least it's smooth to start with. Bourke Rd was bumpy as shit to start with.

"digging it up and doing a crap job of putting back together again"

I've had local experience with that a few times.  In each case, it was only a matter of emailing the contacts at my LGA or RMS (whoever's asset it was) and complaining about the crap job done in reinstating the surface by the utilities.  It wasn't long before it was fixed properly. 

I'd spend my entire day writing emails. Oh, wait...

Oh well, somebody's got to do it!  Sigh!  :-)

Question please: is this the route you are expected to take when crossing the city from west to east, or in reverse? Traveling back home (casual ride) from Balmain to east of Bondi Junction, I opted for this route once I got to the Kent St. cycleway at Market St. It took me much longer to arrive at Taylor Square this way, with what seemed like many more traffic signals. I was thinking that it would be good to have my picnic blanket with me. And there is a dodgy bit down near Central. 


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