Logging Accidents and Near Misses in Sydney

Hey guys,

Something I've been thinking about for a while - would there be any interest in a simple way for us to log accidents and near misses on bikes? I was thinking some sort of Google Map mashup where over time we would gradually get data on hotspots and dangerous roads and practices?

It would need to be simple, so I was thinking that to enter a incident, you'd basically click on the map and add with the criteria:

  • Type (Near miss (not serious or just inconsiderate, eg driving too close) near miss serious (required evasive action), intimidation (driving eg too close intentionally), intimidation/abuse (vocal), incident (without injury or damage), incident (with injury or damage), incident (serious injury or damage)
  • At fault (Driver, cyclist, pedestrian, both, none (eg road condition))
  • Type of vehicle involved (Car, 4x4, Ute, Bus, Taxi, Pedestrian, Motorbike, Bike)
  • Date
  • Time (Morning, afternoon, night)
  • Brief notes (optional)
  • Reported (y/n)

There are more criteria, and I'd be open to ideas, but I thought that perhaps this might be of use. The idea came to me when some idiot in a Landcruiser turned right straight across my path while crossing Parramatta road on a green light. We all know the odd blackspot, and perhaps having some way of recording it (other than sending it to the council every time someone cuts us up) might be useful.

I initially wanted to do a survey of car types and colours, and some driver demographics to see if there was a correlation at all! However this kind of thing might be more useful.

What do you think? There have been a few times where I've been a bit shaken up by someones actions and perhaps having a conduit to this to see if there's a pattern might be somewhat cathartic.


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I think it's a great idea. I've been logging mine sporadically on my personal wiki. Yes, I have sufficient to justify it, but I'm not particularly dilligent in keeping it updated.

Had one this morning with a tour bus refusing to give way turning out of Towns Pl onto Hickson Rd. Needless to say I passed him and then controlled the whole lane, to make a point, though I'm not sure the point actually got through.

Things needed:

  • ability to upload smartphone pics and/or GoPro footage.
  • Lat/long tagging to identify blackspots, as well as direction of travel (otherwise lat/long becomes insufficient)
  • reporting and aggregation - how many CBD incidents with taxis? How many with trucks or buses?
  • Store number plate info for sharing with law enforcement (but do not release publicly)
  • Perhaps ability to find out if the blackspot is on a Strava segment, in order to flag the segment accordingly?

I think it's important it doesn't become a place where drivers or riders can be specifically targeted, either with false reports or because of their on-road actions, though.


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