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Latest from the Times campaign, on what they have learned so far.

Also see how the intersection inspection/redesign is going. TfL says 500 intersections have been looked at and 150 selected as priorities for improvement. Cycling groups dispute how serious TfL and Boris are, with the Olympics taking precedence over everything.

Can we select say 50 or 100 here for inspection?

My top 4 intersections to fix up -

1. Flinders St at Moore Park Rd - needs to have a bike box at the front of the cars going straight so bikes can wait to get to go onto the Anzac Pde Cycleway.

2. Oxford St and College St - needs to have a bike box at the front of right turning cars going into College St.

3. Darling Drive at the Pier St exit and entrance ramps. Cycleway needs to go on the west side of Darling Dr so all cyclists avoid cars entering / exiting the roundabout.

4. Erskineville Rd and Wilson St - still needs those traffic lights to be fixed so bikes can actually go somewhere from Wilson St going west or north.

5. Broadway and City Rd, advanced bike box to avoid the left turn lane into City Rd, or shared path on footpath from Shepherd St.
6. Chalmers and Elizabeth/Foveaux/Eddy Av. Something, anything, except dismount. Bike boxes or use Randle St and a contra flow to the Intersection. Or a big flyover.
7.City West Link at The Crescent. Better crossing of The Crescent for cyclists.
8. Darling St and Victoria Rd. Advanced bike box or footpath option, to avoid the left turn lane.
9. Pyrmont Bridge Rd and Ross St. Turn box in Ross St for the right turn from PB Rd to Ross St.
10 Ross St at Parramata Rd. Adanced bike box to avoid the left turn lane.
11. Balmain Rd at City West Link. Need fourth leg on the intersection for southbound cyclists, and bicycle lantern crossings on all four legs.

It doesn't matter to much about the details, just post the intersections where you have problems.

Agree with Oxford and College @Llewster

To that I would add

Oxford/Queen Street Paddington heading west. Short green phase for cyclists on Oxford Street to get ahead of buses that stop just over the lights.

London gets a Cycling Commisioner, one of the Times' manifesto demands. But only one day a week. The photo is a bit scary.


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