I have just ordered a very cool Bullitt cargo bike from Denmark and the shipping is the same price for two bikes as one.

This is probably an incredible long shot, but if anyone is interested in buying one you can save $300 on the shipping if you buy one at the same time as me.

We are also buying an electric kit with battery so it will make the hills easy. Yay, after 5 months off the bike with baby i am soooo looking forward to my new electric cargo bike!!

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Maybe.... How much you need?
The bikes cost between 1,800 and 2,680 euro, depending on spec. Shipping is AUS$600, regardless of whether it's for two bikes or one.

Hans at Larry vs Harry is obviously keen to sell two bikes to Australia instead of one, and we're keen cos it cuts $300 from the shipping cost.

thanks Kylie
yes, it does look like fun doesn't it!
the perfect alternative to a car for a biking family, room for baby plus stuff.
the electric motor will make it just that bit easier on the hills so i hope to use it everyday for transport like before.
We are currently trialling a Taga, which is a tricycle, a stroller on the front with bike behind, its fun, but slow and unstable, really just for the footpath. but its fantastic to be out on the bike. we went to paddy's market to do our shopping on bikes today as normal (ie pre-baby) it is so freeing for me to be able to get out and about.
Hi Lisa, sorry to revive an old post. But do you remember who you shipped the bike with? Or did Larry vs Harry arrange shipping? Thanks.

Hi, answering for Lisa, it was shipped by Larry vs Harry.

But there are now distributors for Bullits in Australia, so you can buy locally. Omafiets in Redfern for example.


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