Looking for beginner-friendly self-guided bicycle tour

Hi all,

I'll be returning to Sydney from overseas next week, and I'm interested in a self-guided bicycle tour during my short stay, preferably nothing that involves too much traffic-fighting with cars, mountain trails or slopes. 

This particular 2-day-1-night tour is one of the tours I'm interested in - Australian Cycling Holidays ; and also the Manly bicycle trails that would be good for a day trip.

However I was wondering if you guys got any other ideas. Thanks in advance for reading through!

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That's a pretty wide scope

- when you say returning does that mean you are already familiar with all the touristy spots? 

Also when you say beginner do you mean in terms of distance/elevation gain or just traffic ? 

Anyway, when I take o/s riders on rides - showcasing variously : 

Glebe/ANZAC Br/SHB(optional)/Mrs Macquarie's Chair/Kings Cross/Centennial park

7 Bridges (modified from Walk http://www.7bridgeswalk.com.au/course-map.asp

La Perouse/Maroubra/ Coogee/ Bondi beach

West Head/Akuna

Royal National Park/Stanwell Tops

3 Gorges

Kiama surroundings

Let me know if  this is what your are looking for.

Hi Peter,

Sorry for being so vague. I should probably rephrase the whole thing -

I've never done a bicycle tour in Sydney before, nor am I familiar with cycling in Sydney beside cycling from home to work between Annandale and Leichhardt. Now I no longer live in Sydney but next week I'll come back and am interested in a self-guided tour. I'm still a beginner cyclist though so I'm not quite yet comfortable with cycling among a lot of traffic and through steep and rough terrain. 

I'll check out the list you've got there. Thank you very much for that.

np, in that case I think the 7 Bridges is ideal as a start.

perhaps you can say what sort of distances your are looking for - avoiding gratuitous  climbs is one of my specialties.

Let me know if  this is what your are looking for.

your = you are :$

Afraid I'm not even familiar with what kind of distance I should be doing (which probably hints not long at all!), though I have done one day trip on the bike else where that I sustained throughout the entire day at a slow pace. 

Any tracks that stay flat for the most part are greatly appreciated! 

7 Bridges looks really fun on a bike. I'll give that a try next week.

Just avoid Fleming St in Northwood, as the set of rock steps at the end down into the valley is steep and precarious, reminiscent of the yaks tumbling of the cliffs scene in the movie about Tibet a few years ago. Take the River Rd footpath option- north side.
The 3 day Jervis Bay ride sounds great, they supply a boat to get across the Husskinson creek, although you can possibly hire a tinnie yourself from the boat hire joint on the creek. The owner ferried about 4 of us over a few years ago.

Two day rides I like are Tuggerah to Newcastle, via The Entrance and Swansea; and Wyong to Windsor, via Wisemans Ferry, with one big hill (Bumble Hill out of the Wyong valley to Kulnura).

Cheers Bob. Adding them to my list for whenever I return to Sydney in other times as well. 

Parramatta Park to Windsor is a relatively flat beginners day trip on a bike. It's bike path the whole way (still have to contend with intersections etc but you're not riding on the road if that makes you uncomfortable). Its a touch over 30k's one way but catching the train back is an option. 

Stop in at The Rouse Hill Museum on the way for a bit of local area history. Plenty of nice places by the river to have a picnic lunch before riding back. 

Another Parramatta based ride is along the Parramatta valley Cycleway. To and through Sydney Olympic park and back again. Here is a map for a round trip version. Good for beginners as its separated from cars the vast majority of the way. Plenty of Picturesque riding along the river foreshore and over bridges etc. 

I've suggested these based on the fact they are predominantly car/traffic free rides. I'm fortunate enough to be able to use them as commuting routes on weekdays.  

The Parramatta valley cycleway gets my vote for a flat & safe route.

You could catch the train to rhodes and ride along the river to Parramatta,

then catch the ferry back to the city and ride home from there.

FYI public transport is $2.50 all day on sundays.

Thank you guys, Parramatta sounds fantastic.

I rode the Meadowbank to Parramatta cycle path last week.  Most impressive.  Very flat, very safe, alongside the river, and, there are lots of friendly folks chancing along every couple of minutes.  You would never get stranded. 

The Meadowbank end connects with the cycle path down through Rhodes to Hombush, and the Parramatta end has all sorts of attractions.  As mentioned elsewhere, there are good public transport connections too.

If you are going to do the DIY day trip on the manly bike tour, maybe worth hiring the bike for a few more days as it then works out very cheap. Hop on a train or ferry out to Sydney Olympic Park/ Homebush and do the rides at SOP and on the Parramatta riverside. Not quite touring, more just poking about by bike.


And...... if you are like other SydCycs and love big Australian birds these are in the area...



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