Looking for beginner-friendly self-guided bicycle tour

Hi all,

I'll be returning to Sydney from overseas next week, and I'm interested in a self-guided bicycle tour during my short stay, preferably nothing that involves too much traffic-fighting with cars, mountain trails or slopes. 

This particular 2-day-1-night tour is one of the tours I'm interested in - Australian Cycling Holidays ; and also the Manly bicycle trails that would be good for a day trip.

However I was wondering if you guys got any other ideas. Thanks in advance for reading through!

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From Parramatta it's not too far to the M7 cycleway, which goes past Rooty Hill, where the cake shop has the best vanilla slices in Sydney. They were sold out last Sunday, so get there early. Also don't miss the views from Sydney Regional Park at the Saxony Rd exit.


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