Looking for Cyclists (ex-smokers) for Quit Smoking ad campaign

Hi everyone,

I'm currently casting for a Quit Smoking ad campaign to be filmed in Sydney, and we are looking for ex-smokers who are now doing active things in life. We're really keen to feature a cyclist in the campaign (be that race cycling, mountain biking, marathon, etc) 

We’re looking for people with great stories who have found giving up smoking has enabled positive changes in their lives. These stories would be filmed for online content videos
People selected would be required 1 day on either May 26th or later in the year and we can pay you for your time.

We’re looking for men or women between 30 and 60 years old.

If interested, please email felicitybyrnecasting@gmail.com with a recent photo, age, contact details and a bit about your story.

Our deadline is Wednesday 10th May – so please get in touch before then!

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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Yes, very keen!
(wait, guessing that the two and a half unfiltered camels back in 1998 count?)

Can't go past this one .... 


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