Looking high and low for Labor Media release on their $7m Ride to School plan

As seen in BNSW and BN



Both point to the PDF of the media release on their domains but I can't find the link -FROM- NSW Labor themselves. 

There are tweets from Michael Daley (https://twitter.com/michaeldaleyMP/status/1089424244608356352

; but there's nothing on Labor Facebook page

Does someone know how to hunt down the NSW Labor source of the media release ?


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I am sure mr daley's heart is in the right place on this and I have been impressed with him since his elevation, and I have hope he can oust the liberal no hopers but the prominence of this policy probably highlights the importance of cycling in alp's policy palate , maybe contact the Media Contact: Julian Lee 0419 859 542

Left a call with him just now. “Calling from Sydney Cyclist”- that should get his attention.

He responded that it’s not up on any alp websites but he would email me a copy! Thanks, but I can see it on that BNSW Link. Keeping a low profile Mr Daley? Media releases selectively targeted.


By focusing on getting kids to school, they are still looking on bikes as a toy for kids. They can't seem to realise that its a means of transport for all!

I couldn't find ti either on ALP site. Maybe closer to election there will be more policy material available.


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