Loop the Lake 2018 March 11th Back On! (Lake Macquarie)

This message appeared on the Loop the Lake 2018 website today 12/01/2018

Due to inability to get proper approval from the police Loop the Lake will not be going ahead as planned.


After 21 years of Lake Loops it  seems weird to me that approval could not be sought this year.


** UPDATE** 18/01/2017

From Facebook Page


We are pleased to announce that following a meeting with the police today, an exciting new and safer ride has been negotiated. Our ride will start at the usual place then take you south on the east side of the lake, calling into beautiful Catherine Hill Bay for refreshments. You’ll then ride further south for morning tea at Doyalson. The return will be very similar to previous rides, up the Pacific Highway with a couple of changes at the northern end before your arrival back at Speers Point for lunch. Thank you for your patience while this matter has been dealt with.

The changes have been insisted upon by the police for your safety and we support that point of view. The changes to our website including full route details, starting points and start times will be back up on Monday.

We trust that you’ll continue to support the ride so we in turn can continue supporting our community and charities. Keep an eye on facebook and the website for further information. Get in early, register and show your support

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I am now wondering if the Central Coast Century Challenge will be held this year? It has entries open now. The question I have is how much more of the "Sorry we cannot hold this event this year because the Nanny State Gestapo says no!" do we put up with? I am beginning to wonder if BUGs (If they are still around?) and clubs should be holding replacement rides if the local Rotary etc are being stopped. Remember you don't need a permit to ride! 

Looks like another part of Sydney's cycling heritage is gone.

I've never been able to understand why the need for either police or RMS involvement unless it's an insurance requirement. For many years I was a group ride leader and neither of those nannies were involved with any of my rides. I think that the largest group was around 150, another 60 or so on an overnighter to go gliding in the Hunter Valley, but most were around the 20ish mark. It was a bit like herding cats sometimes, but there were no major incidents. As a group ride leader, theoretically I was covered by BNSW's insurance back in the days when they were a cycling body.

I think it may be an insurance requirement. The  NSW Police may also be required to issue permits for events in the same way they issue permits for parades like ANZAC day (what a sh!t fight that was while Dunnycan was in office). If it is due to the "Counter terrorism measures" NSW is a nanny state!

Thank you for putting me onto the Central Coast Century Challenge. I might give that ago instead of Loop the Lake.


Corse we are still around. No police permits required.

meetup.com/bike-Leichhardt, bike-east, bike north, CCBUG, all doing weekend rides and tours.

Bike Leichhardt doing the three gorges next Sunday, heatwave permitting.

About 2 years ago I turned up to ATTA's Calga monthly ITT on a long weekend, only to find out that the police had cancelled it 2 hours prior due to long weekend traffic concerns.  So I did a training ride on the route and the traffic was no different to any other Sunday morning

2 freakin hours! So you turned up and no one was around? At least you got in a training ride! NSW is starting to look like a sad joke!

The organisers where there and  they  weren't happy.  They were very apologetic, I told them it wasn't their fault

Obviously you had no problems from the coppers or anyone else going for a training run on the course. The questions comes to mind is what would have happened ever everyone who rocked up did the same or if the event went ahead anyway?

If they had gone ahead with the event then they would of probably burnt their relationship with the police.  They hold it every month so they wouldn't want that.

Quite a lot went for a training ride

It's unclear what the organisers wanted from Police in order to stage the ride. Maybe they wanted some road closures or barriers on side roads or police presence at major intersections etc, I don't know, but whatever it was the Police have not agreed. I think they would have to notify Police and RMS and local councils if they want any sort of assistance, and also the insurers probably insist on notifying authorities. Once you have notified the Police you then have to do a Traffic Management Plan and submit it to Traffic Committees of all councils affected months in advance, supply any barriers, pay for police presence, unless they waive it, and it all gets out of hand.

Classic case in Balmain when the ALP wanted to close DarlingSt for a celebration of Labor Centenary, and Greens on Council forced them todo a TMP and jump all the hoops re supplying and manning barriers on side streets. The organisers gave up.


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