Loop the Lake 2018 March 11th Back On! (Lake Macquarie)

This message appeared on the Loop the Lake 2018 website today 12/01/2018

Due to inability to get proper approval from the police Loop the Lake will not be going ahead as planned.


After 21 years of Lake Loops it  seems weird to me that approval could not be sought this year.


** UPDATE** 18/01/2017

From Facebook Page


We are pleased to announce that following a meeting with the police today, an exciting new and safer ride has been negotiated. Our ride will start at the usual place then take you south on the east side of the lake, calling into beautiful Catherine Hill Bay for refreshments. You’ll then ride further south for morning tea at Doyalson. The return will be very similar to previous rides, up the Pacific Highway with a couple of changes at the northern end before your arrival back at Speers Point for lunch. Thank you for your patience while this matter has been dealt with.

The changes have been insisted upon by the police for your safety and we support that point of view. The changes to our website including full route details, starting points and start times will be back up on Monday.

We trust that you’ll continue to support the ride so we in turn can continue supporting our community and charities. Keep an eye on facebook and the website for further information. Get in early, register and show your support

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Latest ontheirfacebook page says the ride has been approved, but route is now on east side of lake only. Goes to Doyalson via Catherine Hill Bay and Pacific Highway, and then returns via Pacific Highway.

seems police had a problem with cyclists using some road on the west side, and I remember doing the ride some years ago I'll have to admit, and the road around the SW end of the lake had no shoulder, and  quite a few cars. Pac Highway does have a good shoulder, but not that inspiring to ride on twice.

Probably the dangerous bit of road at the southern end of the lake was Rutleys Rd. I wonder why the eastbound lane couldn't have been closed to make it safe for cyclists! Newcastle can have the supercars forced onto it and have roads closed for 3-6 months to accommodate that event causing major traffic disruptions and anger among the residents. There is an alternative for cars that adds a few kms to their journey if Rutleys was closed, so surely that's no big deal!

Whoops, I forgot, it's for cyclists, not petrol heads.

Not really a loop any more and the riders will be able to enjoy the broken glass down both sides of the highway.

I have entered, all seems cool


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