Lost 20-Nov-17 West side of Victoria Road Overpass approach from Lilyfield road

Hi all

Rider behind me passed eastbound start of Anzac Bridge and mentioned that something fell out of my jersey pocket just before the Victoria Road overpass at end of Lilyfield Road.

Don't recall jumping BUT it was a Rapha waterproof case with classic gilet inside (keeps the gilet nice and dry in the rain). The case is very new, and shiny, so a bump might have sent it flying :(

Circled back but either I did not see it, or it was gone in the 5 minutes it took to go back. The other issue is the case is road coloured - and I don't know precise location other than "just before the overpass" as I felt nothing.

Love to get it back and save a bit over $200 rebuying. If you hear anything please do post or any advice on where to post appreciated.

Thanks to the rider for telling me or I would have no idea where to start looking.


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A prettt busy route.
Good luck!

Any luck?

No luck :(

The pouch was a 'large' so it was poking out of jersey pocket - I can't recall jumping/hopping but it must have flown out. Lesson learnt, anything sticking out can fly out. The case was also a dark Navy colour - very hard to spot on the road surface.

Annoying as my other gilet was stolen from bike racks here in the Westfield building so I've got to buy a new one - most useful piece of kit when you are caught out in rain, especially Spring/Autumn when it can be cooler.


No good.

And yeah, good gilet/jacket is a beautiful thing. None of the cheap ones I've bought have worked - all too hot and sweaty.


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