M4-M5 Concept Plan- with bike links in the Rozelle Railyards.

Latest from Westconnex on the M4-M5 connection, including details of what is envisaged for the Lilyfield/Rozelle Railyards.


The pdf doesn't seem to be scalable so can't read some of the fine detail,but looks like TWO foot/cycle bridges, one from Lilyfield Rd to Whites Ck in Annandale and another to The Crescen, and a path from about Justin St near Catherine St to White Bay under Victoria Rd. There is even a diagram (14.1)showing a possible future link to Hawthorne Canal through the railway cutting under Balmain Rd and Norton St (CWCL).

Also a Victoria Rd cycleway upgrade, assuming a 50% reduction in traffic due to the road tunnel from Iron Cove Bridge to Anzac Bridge.

The existing cycleway from Victoria Rd to the ANZAC Bridge might be relocated further north due to an on ramp for cars coming up from a tunnel under the Railyards. Might fix that sharp blind corner at Vic Rd, but the plan was a bit hard to decipher. Much more detail required.

No details for Sydney Park and Alexandria Canal bike links to Bourke Rd.

Next cab off the rank is an overdue Transport Plan for the Bays Precinct by Urban Growth. That might shed further light on new or improved bike paths near The Crescent and ANZAC Bridge.

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"50% reduction in traffic"...   snorts into cup of tea.

They really are clueless about the real effects of building lots of large (toll) roads, aren't they?

They're not clueless of what the real effects are, they just don't want to go on public record stating that building all of these toll roads will result in large sums of money entering into their bank accounts/pockets

It's possible that for every bit of car capacity they add with the toll road they take it away on the parallel surface roads - ideally by converting it into separated cycleways. I'd support such a thing.

It would be tremendously unpopular though as it would be seen as "forcing" people to use the toll road.

Looking back at the original thread discussion, the path layout through the goods yard is pretty close to what we came up with.  I'd hoped for a separated path rather than a shared one, but the routing is good I think.  Will take some of Lilyfield Rd out of the equation and we get the link under Vic Rd.

What concerns me most is that WestConnex will only update the cycle path along Victoria Rd for a few hundred meters at either end of the Iron Cove Link, not along the whole Rozelle route.  This makes a mockery of the idea that putting the traffic underground will improve surface facilities.  As we all know, the current Vic Rd shared path is nothing better than some white paint infrastructure with RMS slalom poles to negotiate.  This will be focus of my feedback.

Re "a possible future link to Hawthorne Canal through the railway cutting under Balmain Rd and Norton St"...aspirational at best I think Bob, put in there to placard the Greenway proponents.  It would have been so much easier to do it before the light rail extension went in.

What do others think about the plans?

Link under Victoria road and through the yard is great.  Feels like our feedback trickled upwards for once.  Its a removal of a bike handling issue, extremely inefficient elevation change, traffic volume bottleneck and limiter on distance for casual cyclists.  Even if the pleasant water colour open space concept picture for rozelle yard doesn't convey 80 decibels of nearby traffic roar.

They really need to bite the bullet and build the link to hawthorne canal.  it would finally mean one approach to the city has a proper integrated cyclepath with appropriate grades for casual riders.

For anyone wanting to lobby for cycleway improvements along Victoria Rd as part of the Iron Cove link, you can write to:

Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain, balmain@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Stuart Ayres, Member for WestConnex, penrith@parliament.nsw.gov.au 

It's not going to happen unless people make some noise!

I just got my replies (the wheels of democracy turn slowly!)

I wrote to my local Member (John Sidoti), who wrote to Ministers for WestConnex (Stuart Ayres) and Roads (Melinda Pavey).  I also got a call from the WestConnex folk. Outcome: fixing Vic Rd cycleway is not in scope of WestConnex, which we also now know to be true from the EIS.

I also wrote to the Member for Balmain Jamie Parker, who wrote to RMS (Mr Kanofski). Awaiting response.

Upshot is that in order for the Victoria Rd cycleway to get fixed, it needs to be championed by a politician who will create a mandate for the RMS to implement it.

And this is worth a listen but you may need to go for a good walk or run after you do. With the way they go about building roads now I just can’t recommend going for bike outing. Foot paths still seem safe until they start to toll them

WestConnex: good debt or bad debt?


Hi Bob - in response to my feedback, they have published a hi res version (actually very hi res at 157MB).  You can now zoom in.

One thing that really hits me is the scale of this monster.  There are car 16 lanes heading off to the Anzac bridge on the right of the map p44.  The quantity of individual tunnels under Rozelle is staggering (14).  But I digress, must keep focused on the active transport outcomes.

Thanks Tim, just saw this, will have a look.
Our new coalition (IWBC) coordinator Neil Tonkin has asked for a meeting with SMC and it looks like we might get one, to go through the Active Transport Plan.

Do we know what measure will be put in place for bicycles whilst construction is underway?


I've compiled a list:


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