M4-M5 Concept Plan- with bike links in the Rozelle Railyards.

Latest from Westconnex on the M4-M5 connection, including details of what is envisaged for the Lilyfield/Rozelle Railyards.


The pdf doesn't seem to be scalable so can't read some of the fine detail,but looks like TWO foot/cycle bridges, one from Lilyfield Rd to Whites Ck in Annandale and another to The Crescen, and a path from about Justin St near Catherine St to White Bay under Victoria Rd. There is even a diagram (14.1)showing a possible future link to Hawthorne Canal through the railway cutting under Balmain Rd and Norton St (CWCL).

Also a Victoria Rd cycleway upgrade, assuming a 50% reduction in traffic due to the road tunnel from Iron Cove Bridge to Anzac Bridge.

The existing cycleway from Victoria Rd to the ANZAC Bridge might be relocated further north due to an on ramp for cars coming up from a tunnel under the Railyards. Might fix that sharp blind corner at Vic Rd, but the plan was a bit hard to decipher. Much more detail required.

No details for Sydney Park and Alexandria Canal bike links to Bourke Rd.

Next cab off the rank is an overdue Transport Plan for the Bays Precinct by Urban Growth. That might shed further light on new or improved bike paths near The Crescent and ANZAC Bridge.

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For the Rozelle yards, I'd expect that Lilyfield Rd would be mainly unaffected. The Crescent path is likely to be a bit of a mess for a while when they do the tunneling there. Speaking for the Iron Cove Link, the doc says "During construction, Clubb, Toelle and Callan streets will be converted to cul-de-sacs. Pedestrian and cycle access along Victoria Road will be diverted via Manning Street and connect with the westbound shared path along Victoria Road at the end of Byrnes Street." That's a pretty crap diversion however you could mix it with the buses in their red lane (as many cyclists do now), or use the existing shared path on the eastern side of Vic Rd.

I suppose they mean the diversion will be Byrnes/Manning/Moodie/ Waterloo or Cambridge to Darling St, unless you like 20 % gradients up the steep bit of Manning to Darling.No one will like losing height down Byrnes. Easier to cross at the Terry St lights I guess and use the east/north side of Vic Rd like you say, or maybe some will cross over back in Drummoyne.

Before there's too much excitement: how would a stage 3 WastyCon cancellation play out?

Fee wise, it is amazing that in 2017 we still need to even ask these questions. The penalty rot set in for loss of income from new roads and budgeted X number of cars with the Harbour tunnel and it should be public knowledge of the cost start to end and also start to an abandon.

All in favour of it. Not very likely is it? Unless Labor changes its support.

If it is cancelled we will at least have a blueprint for what is possible in the Railyards re bike links.

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