Hi all,

I want to ride down the M5 Cycleway from Bexley Rd at Kingsgrove (where the M5 dives into the tunnel) to Salt Pan Reserve/Salt Pan Creek near Riverwood.

So just wondering, does anyone know if that entire cycle route is still open or are parts of it closed/shut/off-limits for the WestCONnex extension insanity?

Thanks very much in advance!

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Bicycles excluded from Bexley Road to King Georges Road, both directions, no shoulder due to the WasteCONx vandalism. Many bits of the parallel "cycleway also gone.

My best ride on the M5 East was the day an over height truck took out much of the tunnel lighting etc, all the east bound motor vehicles were diverted off at KGR but I explained to the police persons that bicycles were not allowed in the tunnel and I would exit at Bexely road, so they let me through, the only vehicle on that section, I rode down the traffic lanes, no shoulder for me, got huge response from west bound traffic but sadly there were repair workers at the actual tunnel so I had to exit,

this might help:

I rode from Belmore Rd to King George Rd about 6 weeks ago and the off road path was open (the blue route on map).  On the other side of KGV Rd the red dotted line was blocked by a rope at Coolangatta Rd but as the path and access road  past some workers cabins looked open i ducked under went along it to where it joined tallawalla St at Koemba Rd  I think, then followed the road (orange on map) to a temporary crossing of the M5 (maybe the blue dotted line). This led to a route along the north side of the M5 (blue zig zag on map past Rosebank Av etc). Then i had to recross the M5 near an unsigned lane off Garema Cct, where there was a Stop and Go person to open a gate if clear.The flag person said head east to Kinsgrove on what the map shows as a red path- I guess it depends on the stage of construction how they do the detour. After Kinsgrove rd it was no problem, the paths were open to Bexley Rd.

To save mucking about it might be best to follow the orange route on the map, or just follow Vanessa St/Tooronga Terrace  the whole way to King George Rd, then their suggested route on Broadarrow/Hannans.

Thanks Bill and Bob


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