No not some predication regarding the winner of various sporting codes this year but a report (am I the first?) of two magpie attacks.

Off on a lovely wander out of Parramatta to Windsor, Freemans Reach, East Kurrajong, Kurrajong, Gross Vale, Nth Richmond, Richmond, Penrith, St Marys, Eskine Pk, Eastern Ck and back along M7 path to Parramatta.

Slightly out of Windsor along Freemans Reach Rd, admiring the river and "wack" on the helmet (it probably saved my...), what was that?, no warning, only one pass.

A bit later just out of Kurrajong on Gross Vale Rd got another exactly the same.

Seems a bit early, does this suggest a very good season.

Be prepared.

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I had a rather desultory attempt on my jaunt on the weekend too. Just the one swoop, not too close either. I thought he had gone a bit early

Haha, I saw my first ever pair of Magpies having sex, on my fence 3 weeks ago. What a sight the female SHOW is. They have taken over a tree 20 meters from my back door. I will take the bike, without helmet to a reasonable distance before putting it on, even though they know me. Have fun people, they take up less space than vehicles. Maybe we can co exist. John H.

For free hugs from helmet lovers. Check it out for areas near you. Helmet /head loving birds for dating services......

is it illegal to mount tazers on helmets? 

Got a solution for swoopers.

Easy as putting party poppers in the back of your helmet and with the plastic piping attached to it and blow it when it approaches.

This is what  Doctor Richard Osborne from Brissie had done so.

The bird was eventually destroyed after Kiama council sought a permit from National Parks and Wildlife to cull the bird.

Council workers cordoned off the area before the bird was shot dead on June 20. 

Ok, so it's not a magpie, but shouldn't the council have been sued instead of Woolies if they were the ones who could make the ultimate decision on the fate of a vicious bird?


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