Make it easy for the wheels to go round- this morning's SMH

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally's habit of cycling to work is part of a trend that will cause the number of Sydney bicycle trips to triple in the next 30 years, according to a landmark transport report.

Increasing numbers of cyclists will lead to more tension between drivers and riders on roads that will become ever more clogged as Sydney's population increases by 40 per cent.

A report produced by an independent inquiry into Sydney's long-term public transport needs recommends measures to make cycling more attractive but says tension on the roads must be addressed first.

Even though 70 per cent of cyclists are also drivers, the inquiry found both groups seem to believe they have ''the dominant right to be on the road''.

The inquiry, headed by former NSW rail and roads chief Ron Christie, found ''a major exercise must be undertaken to break down sometimes aggressive attitudes towards fellow road users''.

''In other words, 'winning hearts and minds' is a critical first step in bringing together all road users, both physically and ideologically,'' the report says.

The report, released yesterday, predicts 10 per cent of all car journeys to work, mostly the shorter trips of 10 kilometres or less, will shift to cycling, walking or small electric vehicles.

While 110,000 commuters rode or walked to work in 2006, that number will increase to 333,000 - an increase of 300 per cent - by 2040 as motorists swap their cars for bikes. In contrast, the number of car trips to work in the same period will increase by 5 per cent because road congestion and new taxes will make driving so much less attractive.

While cycling levels in hilly Sydney are not predicted to match those of flat European cities, the inquiry says much more support should be given to cyclists.

It wants a new body called Transport for Sydney to have responsibility for planning and running all transport in the city including defusing tensions.

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"I wonder what concrete measures will emerge out of this."

Lots... until the next election is over... then it'll be mothballed.

Cynical, me?
Do you actually expect the NSW government not to change at the next election. Optimistic seems more appropriate than cynical ;)
Concrete measures are only concrete when they are actually done in concrete.
Urmmm almost a cockney and def not a ginger beer mate.

If you are suggesting oily rag stuff in my disposition, well yes my Deutsche Luftwaffe shoulder patch has an atom on it instead of wings. Qual wise I am a scientist.
Regarding quiche-eating, do you have in mind Woolloomooloo boys who can't find girlfriends?
Still waiting for my official response regarding the bus event.

Wondering if they are in a bit of a bind, because apparently my letter counts as a formal complaint, and by law they are compelled to respond. They will know a response that says 'yup we have evidence and decided not to prosecute because our highway patrol petrol heads hate cyclists' is gunna be a problem.

So too will be something that says they haven't got resources to ensure motorists including bus drivers are dealt with for doing the wrong thing to cyclists.

Interesting. I shall remind them after a suitable interval.
Transport for London made things work over there. Take the strategic planning units out of the RTA, Cityrail, Sydney Buses etc and put them together in one organisation, and order a consensus view. The result is that when the governent says "we need better transport for the suburb of Smallville", the best mode of transport is chosen (ie it's not automaucally a road). And strategic planning gets done wholistically.
Does the NSW Premier ride to work? First time I had heard this.
Yes I see her regularly on the Anzac Pde cycle path in the mornings with a couple of bodyguards riding with her.
There's the makings of a nice Bike Bus there...
I think she cycles from her house in Pagewood - so she must come up Banks - Doncaster - as I pass her im going in the opposite direction to UNSW. I wonder which way she gets to Parliament - does she do the Fitzroy Street - Bourke Street dogleg (ive noticed they have put in a bus lane along Fizroy now which ive just used the other day - much easier for bike riding that bus lane instead of the footpath which they have signage to say is a PSP) OR does she go up via COFA up Greens Rd - then does she take Bourke St and then St Mary's Rd - OR does she go on the bus lane like everyone else down Oxford St. Not that im plotting anything mind.
She's got you there, Tim.


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