Make it easy for the wheels to go round- this morning's SMH

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally's habit of cycling to work is part of a trend that will cause the number of Sydney bicycle trips to triple in the next 30 years, according to a landmark transport report.

Increasing numbers of cyclists will lead to more tension between drivers and riders on roads that will become ever more clogged as Sydney's population increases by 40 per cent.

A report produced by an independent inquiry into Sydney's long-term public transport needs recommends measures to make cycling more attractive but says tension on the roads must be addressed first.

Even though 70 per cent of cyclists are also drivers, the inquiry found both groups seem to believe they have ''the dominant right to be on the road''.

The inquiry, headed by former NSW rail and roads chief Ron Christie, found ''a major exercise must be undertaken to break down sometimes aggressive attitudes towards fellow road users''.

''In other words, 'winning hearts and minds' is a critical first step in bringing together all road users, both physically and ideologically,'' the report says.

The report, released yesterday, predicts 10 per cent of all car journeys to work, mostly the shorter trips of 10 kilometres or less, will shift to cycling, walking or small electric vehicles.

While 110,000 commuters rode or walked to work in 2006, that number will increase to 333,000 - an increase of 300 per cent - by 2040 as motorists swap their cars for bikes. In contrast, the number of car trips to work in the same period will increase by 5 per cent because road congestion and new taxes will make driving so much less attractive.

While cycling levels in hilly Sydney are not predicted to match those of flat European cities, the inquiry says much more support should be given to cyclists.

It wants a new body called Transport for Sydney to have responsibility for planning and running all transport in the city including defusing tensions.

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There was a picture of her in the weekend herald a few weeks back riding on MTB with nobby tyres, suspension and joggers.

I remember thinking, surely she could afford a decent commuter bike.
I too can confirm that she cycles to work.

Where can I get a couple of bodyguards to protect me on my commute to work?
Ha ha yes would be great wouldn't it! I wonder if they had to find people who were good at riding!
They'd have to be crack shots with pistols too.

What a great concept for a new Olympic event - the bikeathlon. You race around a circuit on a bike (no, it would have to be ridden on a time trial basis, without other competitors on the course, due to the danger from stray ammunition). As you ride around, at certain places random targets appear, that you have to hit whilst still in motion. If you put a foot down, you get disqualified. Bring it on.
it's to avoid the bollards! (the MTB)
Nathan Rees wouldn't have ridden a bike like that!
Maybe he could give "Nobody's Girl" a few tips :D
Regarding the Harbour Bridge...

If they are talking about rail expansion (as they should be) then I'd love to see the Eastern 2 bridge lanes turned back into a train line (as it was originally intended). They could remove the Cahill Expressway from Circular Quay as recommended by Jan Gehl and they could reinstate the train tunnels to platforms 1 & 2 at Wynyard (which have since been used as car parks). This would reduce the bridge to 6 car lanes but that wouldn't matter if you could provide rail lines to the Northern Beaches and the North West.

I've drawn some options for the new Northern Beaches train line here. I think that building a train line anywhere near The Spit would be problematic topographically and politically, but there is a better option through Northbridge anyway.
Delving back in to the dim dark recesses of my memory, I thought that trams originally went along the eastern side of the bridge, just after Noah cut the ribbon while he was on one of his 2 horses! :-)
The only problem with adding another train line on the West side is that the North Shore Line, Macquarie Pk line AND this new line would all feed into already congested Wynyard platforms 3 & 4. You'd also have to build a bridge over the Warringah Freeway to connect the train line at grade and you'd lose the benefit of having a separate line into the City.

Perhaps with all the talk about a lower deck on the Harbour bridge, you could add the new train line on the East side and then add a few car lanes below to make up for the two lost on the top deck. My only question is, where would all the lanes go to on the city side!?

Alternatively, they could convert the outside paths (ped and bike) into two new traffic lanes and build a lightweight pedestrian and bike platform underneath the bridge. Perhaps this would be easier structurally. Have to ask the engineers.
You are correct Dabba, I just posted a video of those trams earlier in the thread (seems these discussions branch out like a tree with a life of their own).

Tony - the outside bike and ped paths are lightweight structures that couldn't cope with cars. But I do like your suggestion of hanging an extra platform under the bridge - would be useful for when bicycle use triples in 2040. (If I'm lucky I won't be communting by then ;-)
Jawohl! I like it even without the festivities.

There might be a way of putting in the originally planned Eastern rail lines without reducing the lane count. Aside from a pair of lanes for trucks carrying dangerous goods and buses, some or all of the remaining lanes could be narrowed and made micro-car only.

(Motor) bikes could of course have free reign.

A standard lane is 12'. Skinny lanes are usually 10'. Two seats side-by-side on QANTAS are only about 34", so genuine micro cars only need to be about 4'. Thus two micro lanes per skinny lane.

Hey we could even create an ADR protecting Aussie jobs mandating Harbour Bridge compatible cars.
No prob. A dick filter (as in opposite of dinn) could be achieved with bollards installed on the approach.

"There's always one person who spoils it for everyone else. Now everyone in this carriage is going to suffer."- Crazy Craig the Linden hermit.


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