Not so sweet in a city of many ratbags

To give some context: although the educational centre of Northern England and a city of tremendous progress it's also a city of high crime, career employment avoidance, addiction and dealing.

5 murderous crimes per 100,000 per year. So you don't challenge someone who stole your bike share bike!

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Love the comments, Brexit and Margaret Thatcher to blame.

Plus this one

"20 Reminds me of the similar scheme in Cambridge back in the 90's. The day after the launch, a couple of vans turned up, loaded every free bike they could into it and drove off, never to be seen again


Sounds like a variation of the racket from the 70s. They would fill up a van with bikes from Cambridge, drive them to Oxford and flog them, then fill up the van and drive back to Cambridge and yes, you guessed it."

Ha, yes comments very funny.

And in the midst of all the Thatcher-blaming class warfare, someone has to do it:

'Picture above.... her riding position is all wrong. The seat is too low.'

The Thatcher thing amuses. I lived in Manchester before she was elected, and left (emigrated) soon after. I thought it safe to return now she is dead, but no.

The social problems existed prior to Thatcherism. She had problem neighbourhoods demolished, including my own in 1986. It appears this just moved problems, it didn't fix much.

I had a car, which was stolen. So I got a bicycle. That was stolen too :-(

Does  "shoehorn" = bicycle in Manchester lingo ? 

Mancunian, or Manc.

Hmm no I don't think so.

I think its just a comment on how hard the poster tried to shoehorn their standard political beliefs into a story about bicycles.

That's bobbins

bike theft hotspots 

and I wonder where Sydney's are


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