I know the press in Australia is pretty bad with inflammatory stories littered with vitriolic comments, but we have nothing on Singapore.

There is a nationwide manhunt for a cyclist who had the temerity to slow down a motorist. Sure he was being a dick, but he was just trying to cross the road, which is obviously a capital offence.

http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/t... and https://www.facebook.com/singaporepoliceforce

There is a $5000 reward for information that will identify him.

With many calls to lynch him, run him over, jail him, cane him, deport him, etc.

In a country with no press freedom this sort of anti cycling rhetoric obviously has the blessing of the dear leaders.

At least it hasn't come to this in Australia yet.

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.... following a link from that page, I get to 


I don't know what the hell that cyclist is trying to do in the first video either.

If I was that motorist, I'd be honking him, too. 

(The second one, on the other hand, looks like a clear case of left-hook)

Singapore is a weird place. Much admired in the West for clean streets and (what used to be) great shopping...


The reality is relatively benign dictatorship (the particular targets of the regime might disagree with "benign"), semi-muscular nationalism (I'm sure some others think of us as uncultured bogans, but only one world leader has referred to Australia being the "poor white trash of Asia"), and a high degree of social programming (link).


And by Australian standards, an extremely low tolerance for breaking of the rules. Any rule. Not just officially, the population as a whole. Of course, that is why the streets are clean...

In a country with no press freedom this sort of anti cycling rhetoric obviously has the blessing of the dear leaders.

that not true nowadays - Singapore has various websites opened up to their bogans - and they (Singapore population) have pretty easy internet access (their internet penetration rate is world class unlike 3rd word Australia infrastructure - did I mention I -never- heard of ISDN until I came to Sydney city in 2003/4? )  surprisingly (or not)  their bogans act like exactly like bogan Australians with access to the internet.

Stomp, in particular, is a good example of this.

edit -  If I understand it correctly, the $5000 reward was put up by the friends of the motorist appalled at the abuse the motorist copped from the cyclist - it is not a 'Reward' from the Singapore Police force or its 'Dear Leaders'.

Now if only cyclists and/or their mates put up the same amount to catch criminal drivers in Australia.

Well yeah, apart from what you said is wrong. Singapore introduced licencing to regulate news websites last year which caused several to shut down rather than pay a $50,000 bond. So only government approved news websites remain - chilling effects and all that.



If you don't think there is press censorship then how about the Far East Economic Review?


In fact why not ask Andy Xie about censorship and the consequences of not toeing the line, at least he didn't mention the billions the Myanmar generals park in Singapore.


Nothing published in Singapore is done without the tacit approval of the Lee family.

But back to the video.

Maybe you are watching a different video to me, but trying to cross a road and then reacting poorly when someone doesn't slow down and blows their horn seems to rub a lot of people up the wrong way. The guy didn't shout, threaten, or make rude gestures. He just pointed at the road, wasted some time and acted like a dill.

Seems to me that the response is an overreaction in the extreme, and it's on the back of a media campaign to whip up resentment against Foreign Talent and especially foreigners on bicycles. The nonsense articles on Stomp and the bogan comments wouldn't be allowed if the government didn't approve.

Back to the video, there is no Manhunt, SG police ask for information all the time, including shoplifting, bicycle theft etc. since there is video evidence and viral on Stomp , clearly after being vetted by SG govt in your mind, that is what the SG traffic police is asking for -seriously would you rather the traffic police don't do anything at all to investigate a 'possible traffic infringement', that sounds more like my experience with NSW police force!

As for whipping up hysteria about foreign Talent that's something if SG govt would rather censor if they could muzzle FB, Stomp and all the various anti Govt websites not based in SG.
About riding a bike in SG the traffic law there states that riders need to keep to the left and not hold up other vehicles, so that's the law in that country, you might not agree with it just like the laws we don't agree with here, but when in Rome do as the Romans, as they say.

And here I was thinking Stomp is owned by Singapore Press Holdings which couldn't by any stretch of the imagination by classified as anti government - isn't Temasek Holdings very closely tied to Singapore Press Holdings?

There are "possible traffic infringements" every day of the week. And holding up someone is way down the bottom of the list. If the traffic police investigated all those serious breaches where it wasn't only a possible traffic infringement but an actual traffic infringement then sure it'd make sense. But taking action against someone driving a flash car who may be connected isn't a good career move so why risk it? A foreigner on a bicycle is low hanging fruit and a soft target.

And, yes, of course the government would rather censor the hysteria, just ask Anton Casey whether his being mentioned in parliament by Shanmugam helped to flame or dose the fires of anti foreigner sentiment which chased him out of Singapore.

You seem to have an inside line to the Singapore government and its intentions. I guess that they are just trying to promote a free and open society.

Stomp is owned by ST (edit : linked to ST , owned by SPH like you said), it is a place for venting by bogans, by all means if you think every bogan comment posting in there has SG government backing, please be my guest. I'm not sure what your intention is with continual focus is on SG government and their perceived ills, anyway...

Here's a cycling forum in Singapore discussing this incident, no-one is thinking the police asking for information on this incident is running a 'nationwide manhunt', no one posted it's an over reaction either, I doubt all comments were first approved by the SG govt, but hey, I could be wrong.

Contrast stomp comments with these posted in an offshore, unmoderated by SG govt, blatantly anti-Pap forum.


Loads more posts on that forum, including unmoderated comments about Anton Casey, foreign talent -if you can stomach them, don't worry, there are no posts with a positive word to say about SG govt / Lee family.
Doesn't surprise me, Singapore is a fascist state.


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