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"Fwd: from Fiona Campbell, Bike Marrickville
I need your help to save Alexandra Canal cycleway - it will take less than one minute.
The Sydney Airport Master Plan will expand the secure and fenced land north and DELETE the existing important cycleway, as part of WestConnex Sydney Gateway project.
Email *right now* to say “keep Alexandra Canal cycleway”
It removes an existing Green Grid connection in the Structure Plan for the Eastern City District (p23) but admits the Sydney Airport Master Plan should be aligned with District Plan’s Planning Priority E17 “…delivering Green Grid connections” (p37).
It removes key cycling infrastructure, yet Sydney Airport Master Plan claims “We have achieved a 4-Star Communities rating for Master Plan 2039 under the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Green Star Communities rating.” (p29)

Fiona ...."

I am unable to find anything in the published Airport Master Plan which interrupts this cycle path. Where should I look?

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EIS is out for the Gateway project. This chapter shows the new Canal bike route on west side, and a new bridge to get back to the east side near the railway bridge.

Unbelievable as it might seem they have again surpassed their previous efforts with a new standard of exceptional, ultra, mega, uber grossness. Call me biased but I can't see that this project has any redeeming positive features.

While civilised countries are questioning the wisdom of air travel at all as we enter a climate emergency we in nsw are building a new motorway (at places 11 lanes wide) to take even more, mostly single occupant,  motor vehicles to and from an airport where they can be parked all day doing nothing.

So we pile yet another bad decision on top of a whole pile of previous bad decisions that we use to justify the next bad decision. Noting that 40% of Sydney airport passenger movements are to / from Melbourne or Brisbane, a fast train between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne would have eliminated not only the need to spend this 2.5 billion on the "Sydney Gateway" and 10 billion on the second sydney airport and heaps of billions on "associated" road works.

All very depressing.

Yes, it’s a huge overspend, and still no access from Marsh St.

and access from northern end, Bourke Rd or east on Coward St is becoming more and more like a cyclocross track shared with blind, stupid, psychopathic motor vehicle drives in a big hurry, maybe I should move to Melbourne, Canberra or Europe, we could all move in with Scientia et Labore

Pity they didn’t include something along north side of the enormously widened Qantas Drive to link Alex Canal with Domestic. 

As for moving, there must be a sweet spot somewhere in southern Chile, moderate climate, no bushfires, cyclones, toll roads.

Stewart island


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