Looks like the cops are busting people for riding bikes at Anzac Bridge, both ends of Pyrmont Bridge (plus the middle of Pyrmont Bridge!), Oxford St at Bondi Junction, and the Bourke St cycleway in Redfern.

That's from reports coming in here:


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Is the guy in the middle ticketing the other two cops? About time.

What's the charge? No bell? Or infringement of Velominati Rules, particularly #5?


Also on Oxford near the intersection with Wentworth St

Amongst other things it appears they are targeting bells.

Such bullshit.

I invested in a $8.95 BBB bell a couple of weeks ago to make sure I'm fully compliant.

Mount it on a chainstay for technical compliance with the law. Then spend 5 minutes looking for it on the bike when the police ask "where's your bell?"

That's 5 minutes those cops won't be able to harass anybody else.

$8.95? Bugger. I was saving up for two coffees.

It shits me that all the free bells I have received on RTW days have fallen apart. You can't rely on free stuff any more. It's shit. 


I have survived all this time with my voice.

Kids and their parents like it when you gently call out "ding ding" behind them. 

If they don't get out of the way it's "Ring a ding ding!".

If they still block youtr way, it's "RING A FUCKIN DING YOU LITTLE BUGGERS!".

I find it much friendlier and more personable then a bell ............

Damn. I just paid $12 for mine!

I am happy to demonstrate my Air Zound for them...

thought about that - in the current climate it might see you on an assault charge

not pretty


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