MCG car park to close for major sporting events

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Cars will be blocked from parking at major sporting events at the MCG in an effort to strengthen security against vehicular terror attacks.

The move, aimed at keeping fans away from cars, comes in the wake of terror attacks overseas where vehicles have plowed into crowds.

Melbourne Cricket Club chief executive officer Stuart Fox acknowledged in a statement that the changes would inconvenience "a small number" of fans but said the focus was on ensuring a safe environment for punters.

“Ongoing events both around the world and closer to home clearly demonstrate that we need to minimise the risk of interactions between vehicles and pedestrians, especially in crowded places such as outside the MCG,” he said.

The ban was first implemented for the 2017-18 Boxing Day Ashes Test, and will continue throughout the AFL season. Matches including the Essendon-Collingwood Anzac Day blockbuster, Queen's Birthday and Dreamtime at the 'G will see Yarra Park closed.

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so the nutters are winning.

well let's see.

1. Terror attacks using cars on innocent members of the public

2. Moves to restrict use of cars around crowds.

If you don't see your civil liberties being eroded by the impact of nutters, then you're blind or wilfully ignorant.

But I wholeheartedly support restrictions on use of cars around crowds. And everywhere else. Because everyone's civil liberties are threatened by the continued massive overuse of cars.

Cars cause terror wherever they are. The chance of them being used by terrorists is so small as to be negligible at a given time but every one of the things has the potential to kill vulnerable road users all the time. Logic says they must be severely restricted. 

It won't happen, of course, because most people accept road deaths as the "toll" to be paid (by others) for the convenience of their being lazy AF.

So this will either kill the crowds (no pun intended) or will result in an increase in public transport usage that may result in increased levels of public transport.

Or it will just result in everyone trying to find road side parking around the stadium - which would be a whole other level of hell.

It will be interesting to see what it does to crowd attendance, suppose to point it will depend on how good public transport is.

Or they may think of something  off the planet, like riding a bike there

Well I have a daughter who moved to Melbourne and last year invited us to a game at the MCG. Geelong and some other team.  We were seated with all the die hard Cats supporters.  Great fun. We went by train and it was less than 5 min walk to the MCG from the station.  Fantastic!!!  It was busy after the game, but not out of order.  Just have to watch for bombs on the trains I guess.  Hopefully we avoid that.

Scarves and chains could lead to a few Isadoras.

I just happened to read this blog t he other day, 

More reasons than just terrorists to ban parking in the park, according to Davies.

these are valid reasons. I can't see why any major should provide large amounts of car-parking.  Punters can park at nearby transit places (eg: commuter facilities at train stations) and train/bus in.

'terrorists' are not reasons -- they are excuses.

We even discussed riding to the SCG here

7 years on I wonder if anything has changed?

have to give t he Swannies credit for their website

The parking location that Susan mentioned are still there and its no longer a smoking zone too.  This morning there was just one bike parked there


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